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Bowen Opticians Our customer care is unrivalled. Your eye health is our priority and we take pride in delivering a tailor-made service, based on the individual needs and requirements of each and every client. We believe that eye care should be an enjoyable experience and that you should leave our practice feeling confident, cared for and looking forward to your next visit!

Our range of equipment is among the best available today so if modern, top of the range technology is important to you, look no further. The jewel in our crown however, is our Spectralis 4D Eye Health Check, for a truly comprehensive examination of the retina, you can do no better. You can expect a consistent and professional service. Our highly trained team of professionals is led by Fiona, an Optometrist with over 30 years of experience, and her daughter Steph, Dispensing Optician and Pre-Reg Optometrist.

Family values are at the heart of everything we do. We practise lifestyle dispensing, this means we take the time to listen to you and understand your day to day life before making any recommendations.

read more › Founded in 1993 by our Director and Optometrist Fiona, Bowen Opticians started life as a small home visiting service. The company has evolved quite dramatically since then but the same core values remain. Based in a modern and stylish setting in the heart of Worle Village, we have established a name for ourselves synonymous with outstanding service and clinical excellence. Our gold standard approach to patient care has won us national recognition from organisations such as the Association of Optometrists, Optician Magazine and The Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

read more › Fiona qualified from the University of Bradford over 30 years ago and founded our practice in 1993. Her wealth of experience as an Optician has cemented her popularity and reputation in the community and as a result, she has built an unrivalled level of trust. After a decade of working in multiples, Fiona set out to build a practice based on a key set of principles; compassion, clinical excellence, genuine rapport and longevity of care. These principles continue to underpin our approach to eye care and Fiona personifies this with her conscientious and thorough approach to testing.

read more › I have no doubt you are the most professional and friendly opticians I have come across, your range of equipment is the best I have met. First class in every way. I personally think Bowens opticians differentiates from other opticians as there is genuinely caring atmosphere from second you walk in the door. I personally think Bowens opticians differentiates from other opticians as there is genuinely caring atmosphere from second you walk in the door, and an extremely professional service that supports clients every step of the way in their care.

read more › At Bowen Opticians we prioritise the eye health of our clients above all else. We understand that the needs of a patient can vary from individual to individual and so we offer a range of clinical appointments, an overview of each can be found below. This is our most popular appointment as it provides the best level of eyecare. As well as a detailed sight test we will assess the health of your eyes using the latest equipment and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the results. We will be able to reassure you if your eyes are healthy, as well as providing advice on maintaining good vision.

read more › The Spectralis 4D Eye Health Check is an exceptionally sophisticated scanner that provides us with highly detailed images of parts of the retina which can't be seen in a routine eye examination. This means that we can accurately detect any damage to the retina or sign of eye disease at a much earlier stage. A healthy retina is crucial when it comes to seeing clearly and diseases of the retina are surprisingly common. It is important to get treatment as soon as possible if sight loss is to be avoided and that means detecting problems early.

read more › At Bowen Opticians we take the eye health of your family very seriously. The development and care of children's vision is of the upmost importance and we are very proud to have an optometrist with extended expertise and qualifications in paediatric eyecare. As a result we are pleased to offer enhanced services for children in addition to the basic NHS test. This is a longer appointment and you will be able to discuss wider issues surrounding your child's development. The optometrist will have more time to get to know your child and gain their confidence.

read more › Eyewear should be comfortable, efficient and make you feel good. It should allow you to see the things you want to see, whether that's a tablet screen, a film in the cinema, or a golf ball. Eyewear should fit you properly and be comfortable for long periods of time. It should flatter you, fit your style and inspire confidence when you wear it. At Bowen Opticians we practice lifestyle dispensing. This means we take the time to get to know you and understand your day to day activity, your taste, and your visual requirements.

read more › Fashion forward, sophisticated and dynamic. This range caters for both men and women and is the perfect choice for fashion conscious clients who appreciate a little luxury. BOSS eyewear is the 'utmost expression of elegant aesthetics and innovative design: new combinations of high-tech materials and elaborate details underline the sophisticated character of each collection.' A curated range of sunglasses and optical frames inspired by David Beckham's own style and global travels, designed in Italy.

read more › Our team are very skilled and take great enjoyment in helping you find the perfect frame. They aren't just proficient in the styles and colours that best suit your face; they can give you reliable advice on many other topics, such as hypoallergenic materials, which frames will compliment your lenses the most, how to avoid common problems and so much more. When choosing your frame we don't expect you to be the experts. We are here to help you and guide you through the options and we'll let you know if we think a frame might cause a fitting issue or may adversely affect your lens performance.

read more › Spectacle lenses today differ in many more ways than just their strength. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to supply lenses with all sorts of different designs, materials, tints and coatings which can enhance your visual performance. We can even optimise your lenses for specific tasks such as driving, computer work or sports. There's no need to be overwhelmed though, we will look at your prescription and talk through your visual requirements with you, including you every step of the way.

read more › All eyewear should fit well but this is especially important in children. The dispensing of children's glasses is subject to stricter legislation than adults and for good reason. At Bowen Opticians we take the dispensing of children's eyewear very seriously and you can be assured that your little one is in the best possible hands. Our dispensing staff are trained to help you find the perfect frame for your child. It needs to be comfortable and well-fitting as well as being durable and stylish. We take detailed measurements; then the completed spectacles are fully customised, checked and fitted under the guidance of our dispensing optician.

read more › Contact lenses are becoming an increasingly popular method of sight correction and it's easy to see why. For many people, contact lenses offer a flexibility and freedom that makes a pleasant change from full time glasses wear. Modern contact lenses come in a vast array of designs, strengths and materials meaning a suitable lens can be found for almost anyone, including those with astigmatism, presbyopia (when extra magnification is required for close work) or high, complex prescriptions. Initial ConsultationThe optometrist will assess the suitability of your eyes with a view to wearing lenses.

read more › How does it progress? Prescription changes happen at a different rate for each child, so regular eye examinations are important to ensure they can see clearly. Stronger prescriptions mean thicker glasses and children will become more and more reliant on them to see. Modern lifestyles mean we spend more time focusing our eyes on nearby objects such as phones and tablets. How can we help? Although there is currently no cure for myopia, we are able to fit your child with contact lenses that may slow down the progression of Myopia.

read more › Our eyecare scheme is the ideal choice for clients who want to take full advantage of our clinical services and technology and enjoy exclusive rewards. The Bowen's eyecare scheme is a monthly payment plan that entitles members to privileges such as priority access to appointments, including the 4D Eye Health Check, and a generous discount on prescription eyewear. To sign up to the scheme please speak to a member of staff in practice, or contact us online! Leave your name, email and a contact telephone number below along with your message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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