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J Oliver Radley Opticians Every aspect of the service from J Oliver Radley is top quality. Very friendly reception, thorough and professional eye testing, an extensive range of lens and frames to suit every budget, and an excellent fitting service. Customer service and after-sales support is second-to-none. I've lost count of the number of times I've accidentally damaged my glasses over the years, and each time James has happily made minor (and some not-so-minor) repairs free of charge.

One aspect I hadn't fully appreciated until today is how sophisticated their state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is. The Optometrist identified a potentially serious problem during my routine eye test 2 days ago, and immediately advised referral to an eye specialist. His initial diagnosis was today confirmed by a consultant ophthalmologist in a top private hospital - after having taken over 40 minutes to obtain lower resolution scans than those produced in a fraction of that on J Oliver Radley equipment.

I wouldn't go anywhere else, and can thoroughly recommend James and his expert team for their superb care and professional service.

read more › Two practice owners have stepped down from their roles at an independent opticians in Buntingford. Edel and James Radley left their positions at J. Oliver Radley Opticians, on the High Street, in early July and are relocating to North Yorkshire. Established in 2004, James and Edel, in their roles as Dispensing Optician and Practice Manager respectively, have established a reputation for a personalised and friendly service during their 17 years in the town centre. Thankfully for patients, they will still be able to see their regular optometrist at the practice despite James and Edel's departure.

read more › As the name suggests, the practice was established by James Oliver Radley BSc (Hons) F.B.D.O. James is a Qualified Dispensing Optician, trained at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and has a degree in Management. In running the practice, James draws upon his previous experience in the multiple, independent, sales and manufacturing sectors. James and the team welcome everyone from Buntingford and surrounding villages to the practice. Whatever your visual requirement, style, sport or budget, please think of J Oliver Radley Opticians as somewhere you can be comfortable to ask for advice and get the right product for the right job.

read more › Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit on all spectacle, sunglass and contact lens orders. Orders are processed on the day with our suppliers and they cannot be cancelled once placed. It is advisable to name your spectacles on your household or travel insurance in case of loss or damage. All adjustments and repairs are carried out at your own risk (unless covered under the one year manufacturing warranty on all products purchased from ourselves).

read more › We have tried to ensure that wheelchair users can easily access the practice, on arrival there is short-term on-street parking directly in front of the practice for drop off and collection. There is blue badge parking on street. All doors are purposefully wider to enable wide pushchairs and wheelchairs ease of access. There are no steps within the practice, however there are ramps which are suitable for most wheelchair types. Unfortunately, members of staff are not permitted under the insurance policy to assist patients using the ramp.

read more › If your employer provides you with Corporate Vouchers for sight tests and for prescription glasses, then you can redeem them at J. Oliver Radley Opticians. Eyecare vouchers are often provided as part of the staff benefits package and to enable employers to comply with Health & Safety regulations to protect the health of their workers. Your Eye Examination Voucher entitles you to an eye examination with one of our qualified Optometrists. You will receive a VDU Certificate of Recommendation detailing whether VDU corrective spectacles are required.

read more › We are delighted to announce a new local hearing care service thanks to our partnership with Jovon Hearing, one of the UK's leading firms of hearing care professionals. You can now enjoy the very best in assessment, consultation and advice, right here. Digital technology has made possible an amazing range of new hearing aids which not only bring more and richer sounds into your life, but also come in a range of colours to match every hair and skin tone. They're small, thin and virtually invisible.

read more › The eye examination is carried out by a qualified registered experienced Optometrist in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment. The Optometrist will assess through a series of tests and evaluations which can detect underlying health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of eye cancers, as well as your individual visual requirements. Since the eye examination is a very important health check we do have good links with our local Doctor's Practices and Private and NHS Medical Centres to co-manage your health check.

read more › Private out of hours appointments are available for eye examinations, contact lens, dispensing of spectacles and spectacles collections. This is truly a sweetie shop for spectacles! Indeed, there is something to suit all needs, tastes and budgets. Owner-managed, this independent opticians is very customer-focused, with friendly and helpful staff providing a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Eye testing and examinations are undertaken by highly competent opticians, in very well equipped consulting rooms, giving informative and valuable feedback patients can understand, thus helping us to choose exactly the right type of lens.

read more › Cataracts are very common and can affect your vision. A cataract is when the lens inside your eye goes cloudy. If cataracts are impairing your vision then this can be treated with a simple operation to replace the cloudy lens inside your eye with an artificial lens. Often cataracts affect both eyes and surgery is completed first for one eye and then for the other eye if required. Referral for pre-op Assessment: We can refer you to an Ophthalmologist for a pre-op assessment, under the NHS if eligible or privately.

read more › Avoid pollen as much as possible by closing windows and keeping surfaces clear with a damp duster. Visit your Optometrist or Pharmacist for advice and to get medicated eye drops to help alleviate the itching and swelling. If you wear contact lenses, remember to check if you can use the drops while your lenses are in. When the pollen count is very high it can be more comfortable to wear your spectacles rather than your contact lenses. You may feel more comfortable by avoiding wearing contact lenses in hot, dry or dusty conditions or when you are gardening, particularly when mowing the lawn, as grass particles and pollen can become stuck behind the lens and cause discomfort.

read more › ChromaGen is a unique product that was developed to help patients who suffer from either colour deficiency or academic skills disorders (ASD). ASD is a term that covers reading, writing and spelling difficulties that is known as Dyslexia. ChromaGen Haploscopic filters are a range of precision tinted lenses which are individually prescribed for patients. They can be worn as either spectacles or contact lenses. In trials over 97% of colour deficient people reported a significant enhancement to their colour vision.

read more › It's important to see properly to be a safe driver. That's why the practical car test requires would-be drivers to accurately read a number plate 20 metres away, before they can pass. For those who are already drivers, you always need to be able to see properly to be legally allowed to drive. Around half of UK drivers don't realise that to drive legally their vision must keep meeting the government's minimum Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) standard. The DVLA recommends that drivers take steps to meet the legal minimum standards.

read more › Our experienced and fully qualified Dispensing Optician will ensure you are offered the best optical solutions for your individual visual requirements. Being qualified, we understand how lenses work. We undergo continuous education training to keep us up-to-date with the latest technological advances. If you have been told elsewhere you cannot have a certain shape, style or product, come in and have a consultation with us and we will endeavour to explore new options with a twist of individuality.

read more › As an independent Opticians practice, we pride ourselves on being able to source some of the top eyewear brands on the market. Bulgari offers unique, contemporary designs with glamorous gold, gemstone and crystal detailing that reflects the Italian origins of this luxury brand. Erin's World frames are specially created with preset fittings for individuals with low bridges or made with custom frames to suit exact needs. Oakley is a leading design and sports performance brand, known for its lens technologies and relied upon by world-class athletes when competing at the highest levels.

read more › With Tom Davies Bespoke you have the opportunity to own a frame uniquely tailored to your facial measurements and references. Changing the base curve on the frame is one of the best things you can do if you have a high prescription. For example, if you have a high minus prescription, changing the frame's base curve to 300 is going to improve the cosmetic appearance dramatically and can also improve optical clarity. It also improves the stability of the frame. Sometimes a high prescription can force the frame to flatten if it's been adjusted during lens mounting.

read more › All styles of Sunglasses and sports eyeweare, from wraparounds to aviators, wayfarers and cat-eyes, come with full UV protection to keep your eyes safe from damaging UV rays. Choose the style that suits you, from our wide range of sunglasses. You can select prescription sunglasses or prescription spectacles with light-reactive lenses. For contact lens wearers and those with 20:20 vision we stock ready to wear, non-prescription sunglasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses are available in classic and contemporary styles.

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