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Openshaw Opticians 30 minute appointments are standard for over 16's meaning you get longer with the optician. We are happy to see NHS and private patients, and children from 6 months upwards. You will be able to have an extended eye examination which includes an OCT examination, which allows us to detect eye disease such as AMD and Glaucoma earlier. Because of our independence we are able to provide you with a large selection of frames and lenses to suit your needs.

Openshaw Opticians was first established in 1946 by Robert Openshaw when he bought out Stansfield Jewellers est. 1885in Cleckheaton. Robert who was a pharmacist by profession, took a further diploma in optometry to become a chemist-based optician. Because Robert's father was a jeweller, the new building became a jeweller as well as an optician.

read more › Children want glasses to be fun. At Openshaw opticians our specs are cheeky, witty or even serious we have the right glasses for every child. A new campaign is targeting parents, teachers and health professionals to raise awareness of children's eye health. Led by the optical sector, the campaign is encouraging parents not to overlook their children's eye health this summer and to include a sight test in their 'back to school' routine. Statistics show that up to 1 million children in the UK1 will return to school this year with an undiagnosed vision problem.

read more › Sport's eyewear presents a different challenge for spectacle wearer's altogether, as most patients are concerned as to whether or not their current glasses will be able to keep up with their needs. Eyewear specifically tailored for sports use is now becoming increasingly popular. Eyewear should enable you to perform perfectly without your vision being a hindrance of any kind. You certainly wouldn't for example, want to play tennis with the sun glaring in your face. For people with or without the need for glasses, most people use sunglasses during brighter days to reduce glare and enhance their vision.

read more › The needs and wearing habits of contact lens wearers are as different as the wearers themselves. Not only do we stock a wide range of different contact lenses, but we are also happy to give you responsible personal advice if you have yet to find the lens which is right for you at Openshaw opticians cleckheaton. During the examination at Openshaw Opticians your eyes will be tested to determine the strength of lenses you will need for clear vision, and the health of you and your eyes and eyelids will be examined.

read more › Avoid the discomfort of bright light outdoors, without the need for separate glasses and sunglasses. Transitions Signature lenses react rapidly to changing light conditions outdoors, and return to clear when you come back inside. They also prevent long-term eye damage by blocking out harmful UV rays. Transitions photochromic lenses have created flawless clear vision by combining the strengths of our Varilux Transitions and Crizal products. That means rapid reaction to changes in outdoor light, leading anti-UV and anti-glare technology, and resistance to smudges, dust and water.

read more › Ordinary varifocals may restore satisfactory vision at all distances but some do a much better job than others. No varifocal lens is better than Varilux, the world's leading varifocal brand with hundreds of millions of wearers all over the world. We recommend Varilux because it's the lens our patients like best. Varilux lenses deliver clearer vision, even in poor light, and you'll find they give wider fields of sharp vision too. It adds up to the most natural-feeling vision possible in a varifocal lens.

read more › If you like to read, cook, do hobbies, handicrafts, or work a lot at the computer, then you are sure to be familiar with this: tension, burning eyes, headaches, tiring quickly. The reason for this is often the wrong spectacles. This is because for seeing at short and medium distances, reading or progressive spectacles are often not enough. With reading spectacles, you can only see clearly at distances of up to 40 cm. It is true that progressive spectacles make it possible to see clearly at all distances, however the long distance area is quite large while the visual areas for near and medium distances are somewhat constricted.

read more › Spectacle lenses reflect some of the light which falls on them, resulting in a loss of brightness and a reduction in the quality of vision. We make your glasses anti-reflective by vapour-depositing an ultra-thin film on them, which facilitates light transmission of up to 99%, depending upon its thickness. This lets you see sharply and clearly. A crisp, smudge and scratch-free view through a lens that looks as good as it did when your glasses were brand new. Reduced glare when working at a computer, watching TV or driving at night.

read more › We moved from our old shop in Central arcade to Cheapside in 2016. Our new practice has a modern contemporary look with a brighter feel and new displays to provide a greater selection. Although we've modernised and updated our image, some things haven't. You'll still see the same friendly faces and we'll still provide the independent care and excellent value that you've come to expect from us. Below are a selection of pictures of our new store, hope you see you there soon!

read more › It is normal for our eyes to change as we get older. Normal changes include losing the ability to focus on things that are close-up (presbyopia), finding that it takes longer to adapt to changing lighting conditions and finding that we need more light to see things. As we get older we are also more likely to develop eye disease. The most common eye diseases in older people are cataract, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Have good lighting. Energy saving bulbs are fine providing they are positioned correctly.

read more › With June heralding the start of the summer music season and almost 750 UK festivals planned this year, the Association of Optometrists (AOP) has issued advice for contact lens users on caring for their eyes during the festival season. Ceri Smith-Jaynes, optometrist and AOP spokesperson, said: Festival season is hotting up and it's time to start thinking about lenses. With a little preparation, basic awareness and the right kit, contact lenses can be used easily and safely at festivals. Simple steps will help ensure eye infections and even more serious corneal infections - which can cause pain and scarring of the eye, permanently impairing vision - are avoided.

read more › With the bank holiday weekend presenting an opportunity for many to embark on some much-needed DIY jobs around the home, Openshaw opticians, part of the Eye Love My Local Independent Optician campaign, is raising awareness of the dangers do it yourself tasks pose to the eyes. Before undertaking a DIY project, independent optician, Openshaw Opticians, part of the national campaign are encouraging individuals to assess the risks involved with a task and consider what can be done to make it safer.

read more › Openshaw Opticians with the help of the Eyecare Trust have launched a guide to wearing fake eyelashes as sales soar to record highs after girls try to emulate the style of pop icons such as Lady Gaga. Improper use and storage of fake eyelashes poses a health risk as dirt and bacteria can easily be transferred onto your eyelids and the cornea (the front surface of your eyeball). This can lead to eye infections and in the most serious cases result in permanent sight loss. Failing to follow a good hygiene routine when wearing false lashes will increase your risk of suffering irritation and eye infections such as conjunctivitis and bacterial keratitis.

read more › With snow forecast for some parts of the UK this winter, independent opticians in are warning us not to put away the sunglasses just yet. Coming together under the Eye Love My Local Independent Optician campaign, Openshaw Opticians say snow can be just as dangerous, if not more so to our eyes and in particular to the young. During the winter, snow covered landscapes intensify the effects of reflected light, especially for children who have large pupils and extremely clear lenses that let in lots of UV rays.

read more › We are delighted to have teamed up with My Hearing Ltd, an independent hearing aid company offering the latest testing, hearing aids and excellent aftercare service. They are not tied to any manufacturer and can therefore offer an unbiased guide to the best solutions available for each client's individual needs. Guy Wolstencroft and his team of dispensers have many years' experience in the Audiology world and are highly respected. To take advantage of this new service, pop in to see us or give us a call to make an appointment.

read more › Q: Is it true that wearing glasses all the time will make my eyes lazy and I will become dependent on them? When people wear the proper glasses they realise they can see more clearly and comfortably. What they may have considered normal and acceptable before is now inferior by comparison. A: The term 'optometrist' came into use in 1987 to replace 'ophthalmic optician' in the same way that 'pharmacist' replaced 'chemist'. An optician can be ophthalmic, dispensing or manufacturing; it is the optometrist who is qualified to test your eyes.

read more › What is OCT? Ocular Coherence Tomography is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages. Similar to ultrasound, OCT uses light rather than sound waves to reveal the many layers that make up the back of the eye. This particular 3D OCT unit captures a digital photograph of the inner surface of the eye at the same time, so that areas of concern identified by the scan, can be cross referenced with the classic view of the back of the eye that your optometrist sees. In other words, if you are looking at an iced cake before it has been sliced, you don't know if it contains jam, cream or chocolate layers; equally if it's lumpy or smooth.

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