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read more › Exciting new opportunity for a full time optometrist to work across both our practices in Halifax and Lindley. We are 3 generations old, progressive and love what we do. We are and always have been serious about clinical excellence and we have a lot of the very best equipment including OCT. You will be clinically brilliant and be comfortable recommending the very best optical solutions relevant to each of our clients individual needs. You will be a team player and appreciate working with the best team in the industry.

read more › Bottomley Opticians first opened in Halifax in 1948, when optometrist and original owner Randolph Bottomley set up his own independent optical practice. Since that time, we have remained a truly family-owned and run business. Randolph's son John joined him to work in the practice, eventually taking the business over upon his father's retirement. John continued Bottomley Opticians' success story, taking the practice from strength to strength and opening our second branch in Lindley, Huddersfield in 1990.

read more › Are you passionate about it to the point that you can't help yourself even when you're at home watching tv and you see a badly fitted frame on a presenter or actor and you just want to jump through the screen and adjust it and get it fitting properly? Service and client experience is everything. If this resonates with you then the worst thing you could possibly do is not send a CV and covering letter applying to be an EYEWEAR CONSULTANT. Odds are you're an optical assistant just wishing for the chance to work with the people in this game that take it more seriously than the rest.

read more › Regularly having an eye examination ensures that your prescription is still accurate if you already wear glasses, or that your eyesight is strong enough to continue not wearing them. But thanks to advances in optical technology, the benefits to you of having your eyes examined at least once every twelve months are both numerous and very important. At Bottomley Opticians, we aim to provide clinical excellence with the highest quality gold standard diagnostic equipment. When you see a member of our expert optometrist team for an eye exam, your eyes will be inspected for a number of different eye conditions.

read more › O C T stands for Optical Coherence Tomography and to you and me it means being able to have an MRI scan on your eyes! This enables our professionals in the exam room to detect any eye health issues far earlier and get them treated more quickly. Ask when booking your appointment if you would like to include this addition. We attended Silmo 2018, one of the international trade fairs which we feel is important to see, keeping us in touch with developments in the eyewear world. These visits allow us to forge relationships with designers and creators of amazing spectacles from all over the world.

read more › At Bottomley Opticians, we understand that going for an eye exam isn't likely to be at the top of your son or daughter's list of favourite things to do. If they're particularly young, maybe they're worried about what will need to be done to their eyes during the exam, and whether it will be uncomfortable or even painful. You can rest assured that our experienced team of optometrists have over forty years of eye care experience between them. They have looked after the eyes of countless children throughout their careers, and know how to put anxious young minds at ease.

read more › Advancements in technology mean that optometrists are becoming better and better placed to examine the eyes of their patients. Bottomley Opticians is committed to remaining at the forefront of optical technology, allowing us to care for your eyes in the best possible way. That's why we chose to invest in a fundus camera, so that we can see more of your eye with greater accuracy than ever before. A fundus camera is essentially a specially crafted low power microscope fitted with a high definition camera.

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