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R W Cole Somewhere you will see the same friendly faces each time you visit, and optometrists who will remember you and probably know where you went on holiday last year! A place where you will receive the most thorough eye examination using the latest technology, without feeling rushed or feeling like you are on a conveyor belt. Dispensing staff who will take the time to give you expert advice on frame and lens choice without adding on unnecessary extras.

Glasses that look great and won't break the bank that can, in many cases, be taken home with you within the hour. Highly qualified optometrists who will test your eyes in your own home if it's too difficult for you to get out. R W Cole Opticians was established in 1955 by Robert Cole. Over the last 60+ years we have prided ourselves on always putting the patient first.

We are a familiar sight in the heart of Pillgwelly in Newport town centre and have stood the test of time due to our excellent service to our loyal patients. We set aside 30 minutes for each appointment so you don't feel rushed and we have the time to get to know you and your eye history.

read more › We set aside 30 minutes for each appointment to ensure we have enough time to discuss your needs and concerns and carry out a thorough eye examination. During your eye examination we will assess your vision and eye muscle balance and determine whether or not you need glasses. We will thoroughly examine the outer part of the eye and the retina, macula and optic nerve at the back of the eye. Routine eye examinations are not only important in checking your vision and the health of the eyes, but can also give us warning signs as to any other problems within the body such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

read more › This service is available to anyone who are unable to see as well as most people, even when they are wearing glasses or contact lenses. There are many eye conditions such as macular degeneration that can cause you to have vision problems. We can offer you a free, hour long low vision assessment within a few days. At the appointment, you will be able to discuss your eye condition and any day to day difficulties you may be having with your optometrist. After determining what you most need help with, you will be able to try a range of low vision aids to see what would be useful.

read more › We have a vast selection of frames to suit all shapes and sizes to fit the very smallest to the very largest head. We are yet to meet anybody we cannot find a frame to fit! Our dispenser is on hand to give expert advise. We can provide specialist tints for driving or sport and anti-glare coatings for VDU users. As an independent we have the freedom to source frames for a variety of suppliers. If you have seen a frame you like online or elsewhere, we may be able to supply it at a competitive price.

read more › We have an in-house spectacle laboratory where the majority of our glasses are glazed by our lens technician using state of the art glazing machines. Many single vision spectacles can be made for you while you wait, and can be fitted and taken home within the hour for no extra charge. In some cases we can make bespoke adjustments to the shape and size of the lens and/or frame to make them perfect just for you.

read more › If you want freedom from glasses either every day or just for sport or social events, we offer a free contact lens fitting and trial. As an independent practice, we have the luxury of being able to choose from a huge variety of contact lens brands and manufacturers to ensure we get the perfect lens tailor made for you. We supply all types of contacts lenses including daily and monthly disposables, extended wear and progressive, and we are not restriced to certain products like some of our competitors.

read more › All of our optometrists are highly skilled in testing children, and can tailor the eye test to suit all ages and personalities. We have close links to the local orthoptic clinic based in the Royal Gwent and can refer for further examinations if necessary. The eye clinic has the confidence in our skills to discharge back to us to continue any treatment regime that they have put in place. We carry a vast selection of fun and stylish spectacle frames for any age from babies to teenagers so we feel sure we will always have something to suit.

read more › Child myopia, (otherwise known as short-sightedness) is on the rise. This, if left undetected, can not only cause problems with learning, but can also make children much more likely to develop sight threatening eye conditions as they get older. Recent studies have proven that, with the right, personalised intervention, the progression of myopia can be significantly slowed down and in some cases even halted. Children are much more likely to become myopic if it is in the family, or if they spend too much time on a screen and not enough time outdoors.

read more › Dry eye is one of the most prevalent eye conditions among adults. Most people who experience symptoms of dry eye fail to even mention it when they have a sight test as they think eye discomfort is a normal part of life. It is only when the cause of dry eye is treated, that many realise how uncomfortable it can be. Our optometrists can recognise the signs and symptoms of dry eye and identify the root cause. We can then advise the correct treatment regime for you to manage this condition. We also stock eyecare products to relieve symptoms.

read more › We work in conjunction with industrial corporations to provide protective eyewear for their employees. These can also be purchased privately for home use or for business owners. We offer a wide range of safety eyewear with prescription plastic, polycarbonate or toughened glass lenses. If you work in an industry where eye protection is required, speak to your safety officer to find out if you qualify for free safety eyewear.

read more › If you have any special requirements or have seen something you like elsewhere, we are often able to source products for you at a competitive price. Transitions light intelligent lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions. Responding to the light around you they intelligently change from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you return inside.

read more › Enjoy savings on your new eyewear and inclusive extra benefits time and time again with our unique Membership Programme. Not only will you receive outstanding service, but you will never pay to see your optometrist again. You will also benefit from the latest 3D OCT imaging and a range of special assessment clinics all free of charge. Never pay full price again for your new glasses, sunglasses and accessories, with 20%, 25% or 30% off, and choose to spread the cost interest-free for up to twelve months.

Reviews (3)
Gill Boit
Gill Boit
Apr 14, 2021
We had some general concerns about our 4 year old daughters sight so we booked into Coles for her first appointment. The whole experience was amazing, my daughter was not at all phased and really found it interesting. She watched me have my eyes tested first and then happily sat in the chair and looked at the pictures. She enjoyed trying on the 'funny glasses'. It was clear she needed glasses and surprisingly cataracts were also detected. So glad we didn't delay the check. We went back for another test today and picked up two new pairs of glasses the same day (general and prescription sun glasses!). Couldn't recommend a better place for getting your kids eyes tested. So friendly and efficient.
Juliet Lewis
Juliet Lewis
Jun 30, 2020
Requested a replacement pair of glasses for my partner yesterday. As he has to shield at the moment they were delivered to us today. Excellent service & reception staff very friendly & helpful as always.
Sally Bennett
Sally Bennett
Apr 15, 2020
Absolutely amazing service today when my friend had a foreign body in his eye! highly recommend... thank you so much!

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