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Having served Tunbridge Wells since 1986, Peepers Opticians is committed to providing our local community with the very best eye care and eyewear in the area. We understand that you want to both see clearly and look fantastic, so we tailor all our services around your individual needs - from examining your eyes, to recommending frames suited to your features, life and style.

Our eye examinations are among the most comprehensive in Kent, whilst our state-of-the-art OCT and Optomap machines give you absolute peace of mind when it comes to your visual health. We're also proud to stock an extensive and constantly updated range of high quality frames, handpicked from internationally acclaimed brands such as Lindberg, Oliver Peoples and Wolf Eyewear.

So if you're due an eye examination or are looking for a new pair of glasses, book an appointment or pop into the practice today. A proudly independent practice, Peepers Opticians has been serving Tunbridge Wells' eyes since 1986.

read more › A proudly independent practice, Peepers Opticians has been serving Tunbridge Wells' eyes since 1986. Our founding father, David Twocock, worked in a local opticians as a dispensing optician before he decided to take the leap and open a small practice with his wife Linda. Starting with one consulting room, they worked diligently to provide exceptional eye care and eyewear to our local community. Since then Peepers Opticians has grown to offer three consulting rooms staffed by an expert team of five optometrists, two dispensing opticians and two lab technicians.

read more › Our customer focus doesn't stop once you're out the door. Following your purchase we are always happy to provide support. Our staff are experts in all things optical and are more than happy to provide advice on the maintenance and care of your spectacles. If a more significant repair to your spectacles is needed this can be done quite cheaply. For example, the repair of sprung hinges and frames can easily be done with a soldering iron. Titanium frames are repairable, but at a higher cost compared to plastic frames.

read more › In Myopia (short sightedness), the eye is longer than normal or the cornea is too steep, so that light rays focus in front of the retina. Near objects are clear, but distant objects appear blurred. For the most part, this is an inconvenience considering how frustrating it can be to be dependent on contact lenses or spectacles. In addition, eyes with a high degree of Myopia are at an increased risk of developing a serious condition like retinal detachment or glaucoma. A proudly independent practice, Peepers Opticians has been serving Tunbridge Wells' eyes since 1986.

read more › Contact lenses have the potential to transform your visual experience. Giving you 'freedom from frames, ' their wide field of vision, optimal comfort and convenience make them ideal solution for anyone seeking an invisible eyewear solution. Plus, there's the added bonus that they don't steam up when you get in from the rain. But perhaps you've been put off from trying contact lenses in the past? Or maybe you have concerns about putting them in and taking them out? Contact lens technology has come on leaps and bounds of the past decade, and the lenses themselves are more breathable, flexible and comfortable than ever before.

read more › Ever wished you could achieve freedom from your frames and contact lenses without having to resort to laser eye surgery? Ortho-K technology could be your answer. The innovative solution works via highly specialised contact lenses that you wear whilst you sleep at night. Over a few hours these lenses - fitted to your individual eyes - gradually reshape your cornea, so that when you take them out in the morning you can see perfectly clearly during the day without wearing any eyewear at all. The team at Peepers Opticians are highly qualified to fit these high tech Ortho-K lenses, and we're incredibly proud to offer this pioneering solution for those looking to ditch their specs during the waking hours.

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