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Rosemary McWatters Opticians In 2012 she opened her own practice on the thriving Comber Road in Dundonald after gaining extensive knowledge from working both in independent practice and in the optical industry. Her working life has been devoted to helping people understand how their eyes work and enabling them to enjoy good vision. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated.

One of the most important aspects of that is taking time with each person to listen to them and to find out how we can best help them. You may be referred to us by your GP, the pharmacist or you can just phone us or turn up at the practice. The practice has suspended routine eye examinations but I am still available to speak to and to see any patients who have specific concerns about their vision.

I'm worried about my vision what should I do? Please phone me and I can talk it through and decide if you need to be seen immediately. Certain symptoms that have recently started such as red eye, painful eye, flashes and floaters, headaches, double vision or blurred vision may need prompt attention.

read more › Rosemary's journey in optometry began at the age of 14 when she first tried contact lenses. Immediately she became intrigued with the world of vision and that was when she decided she wanted to become an optometrist. She studied in Cardiff before going on to work in independent practices in Belfast, Ballyclare and London. Having gained all this experience Rosemary then decided she wanted to start her own practice where she could ensure the patients always came first. The environment we have created is a balance of professional and friendly.

read more › You will have heard the phrase, "You can tell a lot about your health from your eyes", and it is true. That is why we encourage all our patients to have the Optomap. This allows us to take an image of up to 80% of the back of the eye in less than a second. The standard camera, including the one used by the retinal screening services, is only able to view 15%. I have heard Optomap helpfully compared in this way. If the dentist asked you just to smile to check your teeth and then told you it all looks fine you might not feel reassured.

read more › Your eye examination is not something that should be rushed. We like to allow 45 minutes for an adult eye test, although for a first visit we often allocate an hour. We don't have any conveyor belts here. My first question is always, "So what prompted you to come and see us today?" Frequently people tell me it is just a routine check-up, but as I ask a few more questions about vision and eye comfort as well as general health, a broader picture emerges. I carry out the full examination, checking the health of the eyes, the prescription, the muscle balance and quite a lot more.

read more › If you have a sore or red eye we keep appointments free each day to see any eye emergencies. Under this NHS funded scheme you may be referred to us by your GP, the pharmacist or you can just phone us or turn up at the practice and ask to be seen. There is no charge for an eye emergency appointment and you can come here even if we are not your regular optician. We have all the equipment necessary to check your eyes thoroughly and in most cases can save you a trip to the hospital or a wait for a doctor's appointment.

read more › In almost all cases, yes. The most important question I consider when it comes to contact lenses is not suitability but motivation. Motivated patients become successful contact lens wearers. There is no age limit on contact lenses. We have successfully fitted patients as young as 8 years old and at the other end of the scale, we have plenty of pensioners enjoying the freedom of contact lenses too. Lenses now come in a wide range of prescriptions, including astigmatism and multifocal and even in transitions.

read more › You may think it is difficult to find the perfect frame but that is why we are here to help you. There are so many frames to choose from but with years of experience Rosemary can put together an individualised selection and guide you to make the right choice. Rimless or tortoiseshell, round or square, subtle or statement, petite or extra-large, and everything in between, we have the frame for you. You are welcome to call in and browse our frame selection. Some of the brands we stock you may recognise, while others are niche labels we source from specialist frame manufacturers.

Reviews (2)
Elizabeth Stitt
Elizabeth Stitt
Mar 13, 2021
I contacted Rosemary today by phone as our eight year old daughter had an irritated eye. Rosemary was excellent, saw our daughter within half an hour and treated the problem whilst also offering advice and suggestions. She was great at explaining things to me and also knew how to relate to a child and explain things well to her. A very professional service, I was thoroughly impressed. Many thanks!
Bill Ashe
Bill Ashe
Oct 01, 2019
EXCELLENT!! Rosemary is a true professional, she carried out a very thorough eye examination and talked me through every stage. We identified a few issues to do with the formation of a cataract and she put my mind at ease with her information, guidance and advice. I would totally recommend Rosemary to anyone. First class service.

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