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John Lewis Opticians Established in 1948, John Lewis Opticians is an independent optician based in Mitcham, Surrey. Our emphasis is on clinical excellence and exemplary levels of customer care. We are dedicated to providing you with a first-class service, from eye tests to frame fittings, diagnosis of eye conditions and bespoke individual treatment plans for patients of all ages.

We invest in state of the art equipment and continuously keep up with the latest theories and scientific research.

Letter charts, green dots and red dots and sophisticated equipment can leave patients who are coming for an eye test a little confused about what we are actually testing. Here's a lowdown on what actually happens at an eye test. Each of our fully qualified optometrists are trained to take all the necessary steps to ascertain the health of your eyes

At John Lewis Opticians, our staff are fully trained to recommend the best contact lens options to suit your life style. There are many options and there's one to suit you. It's very important to have your contact lenses fitted by a specialist and that they are checked regularly by a professional. At John Lewis Opticians, we put particular importance

Our team of experts take a special interest when a child comes in for an eye examination. Children's eyes continue to grow and develop and as a team we can help keep them healthy. Statistic shows that 20% of children have an undetected problem with their vision and most of these problems can be treated or corrected by one of our highly-qualified optician

Dry eyes syndrome is a common condition where your eyes don't make enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. Dry eyes affect millions of people across the globe so you're not on your own. When you suffer from dry eyes it causes a scratching sensation or a feeling that something gritty is in your eye. Other symptoms could include stinging, burning

Glaucoma is a complicated disease, made up of a group of eye disorders in which damage to the optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible loss of sight. Glaucoma is often, associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye. That's why regular eye examinations are vital. Our specially qualified optometrists carry out five tests on high risk Glaucoma

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