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HD Eyes HD Eyes are an opticians based in Lawley, Telford offering high quality eyecare to residents and businesses in the Telford area. We offer a simple approach to eye care, bringing our optical know-how to look after one of your most important senses - sight! We take the health of your eyes seriously, but after we have that covered we get to the good bit - we'll show you glasses that you will love.

read more › As professionals we take eyecare seriously but after that we get to the good bit. We show you glasses that emphasise your individuality. We delight with fantastic eyewear at reasonable prices backed up by an incredible service. Put simply, we believe buying glasses should be one of life's little pleasures. Trevor the boxer, he insisted on pink. HD Eyes. Find out more about our eye tests, glasses and contact lenses. Also check out our corporate eyecare packages.

read more › Sight is the result of a biological marvel and it begins with an evolved high precision instrument. At HD Eyes we offer Private, NHS & Corporate eye tests. We usually test children from 4 onwards but are happy to see anyone younger if parents have any concerns. We are a practice with you in mind & with an 'everyone welcome' attitude are happy to accommodate any peculiar/interesting request. With a commitment to ensuring the best experience & outcome, we look forward to exceeding your expectations over the years to come.

read more › OCT is an abbreviation of Ocular Coherence Tomography. It's an advanced eye scan for people of all ages. Similar to ultrasound, OCT uses light rather than sound waves to illustrate the different layers that make up the back of your eye. The OCT machine captures both a fundus photograph and a cross-sectional 3D scan of the back of the eye at the same time. With the advent of new technology, we are pleased to introduce the next generation of eye examinations. Our enhanced eye examination involves the use of an OCT machine, a painless and highly advanced scan that checks for eye conditions before any permanent damage occurs e.g.

read more › The perfect fusion of striking colour and patterns of Etnia Barcelona, the Parisian flair of J.F.Rey, the bold and pure lines of Denmark's Pro Design and also the best of British from the iconic and somewhat eccentric William Morris. We are proud to be one of the select few in the country to offer these exclusive brands. We also stock more well known designer brands such as Ray Ban, Nike, Ralph Lauren and Joules. Being an individual gives you an opportunity to express yourself and make that statement.

read more › Our years of experience in contact lenses and comprehensive range will introduce you to that ideal contact lens. We have something for the full time wearers, occasional wearers and the undecided. If you choose to wear contact lenses we will provide follow up checks to maintain the health and comfort of your eyes. It gives you the opportunity to discuss any new requirements in your eyewear and us the opportunity to keep you up to date with the latest products.

read more › Sight is the result of a biological marvel and it begins with an evolved high precision instrument. Your employees are safe with us having provided Telford and its surrounding area with superb eyecare. Full sight tests at a reduced rate. An eye examination will indicate the need for glasses and advise according to standards set by the College Of Optometrists - 15. Spending time in front of a VDU screen (laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone) is now commonplace for most of us. We provide a basic pair of spectacles to meet visual standards and includes Zeiss anti-scratch coated lenses.

read more › Spending time in front of a VDU screen (laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone) is now commonplace for most of us. Increasingly, VDU users have become far more symptomatic e.g. Under the 1992 Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, employers have a legal obligation to provide an eye examination to ensure comfortable vision in the workplace. Ultimately, improving the productivity of staff. An eye examination will indicate the need for glasses (if required) and provide advice according to the College of Optometrists guidelines.

read more › Safety eyewear has now become an essential item for the employed, self employed contractor and the DIYers. An employer commissions a risk assessment of working conditions to highlight the potential workplace hazards. We provide suitable protection ranging from safety glasses with side shields to wrap around styles. Our prescription eyewear is manufactured in a UK lab which is ISO9001:2008 accredited and our safety eyewear conforms to BS EN166:2002. In 1993, in line with a European directive, the government introduced new legislation on H&S.

read more › According to Department of Transport figures, more than 1/4 of road traffic accidents involve somebody driving as pat of their work. Health & Safety applies to any work activity and more companies appreciate the benefit of regular eye care for company car / delivery vehicle drivers. Effective eye examinations are now included as part of road safety management to promote the safety of the driver, reduce absence due to ill health and avoid insurance premium increases due to driver error. If a company employs people that use a company car / delivery vehicle / their own car on company business, an employer is deemed have a duty of care under Health & safety.

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