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C & A Hurst Opticians C & A Hurst Opticians of St Neots is an independent family run practice providing eye care for all ages. Established over 24 years, based in St Neots, C & A Hurst Opticians use the latest optometric equipment, training and examination techniques - so you can be assured of receiving the best advice for your eyes and vision together with personal, friendly attention in comfortable surroundings with outstanding aftercare.

C & A Hurst Opticians of St Neots believe our practice offers more for you and your family because:-. We take pride in being an independent practice, and offer our patients a caring professional service with quality products and services appropriate to their needs. We always aim to exceed your expectations. At C & A Hurst Opticians, here in Eaton Ford, St Neots, you will always find a comprehensive selection of frames and lenses, coupled with a value for money pricing policy.

Our satisfied patients return again and again and recommend us to their family and friends. A comprehensive eye examination by Caroline Hurst who is an experienced, qualified, independent behavioural optometrist using the latest examination equipment and techniques including, digital fundus camera.

An eye examination is an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have with your eyes, vision and eye health, and for us to check that there aren't any hidden problems that you haven't noticed yet. Caroline Hurst is an experienced, qualified, independent behavioural optometrist and she will listen and discuss your concerns, together with thoroughly

Do your eyes often feel dry or irritated? Do certain activities, like reading or working on the computer, make your eyes feel scratchy? Are you wearing your contact lenses less and less because they become uncomfortable? The term "dry eye" is self-explanatory - eyes that aren't fresh, moist and comfortable. The problem affects many people, but postmenopausal

Macula Degeneration (AMD) is the largest cause of visual impairment in the developed world. It affects the central vision, generally both eyes, with one eye often more affected than the other. Peripheral vision remains intact so the sufferer can see to move around, but the central clarity for reading, watching the TV and seeing people's faces is very

At C & A Hurst Opticians we hold a comprehensive stock of frames to suit all ages. We have designer frames from companies such as Orange, Mexx, Sophia Loren, Country Casuals, Stetson, Oliver Goldsmith and Elizabeth Arden to name just a few. We also carry ranges of frames with prices to suit all pockets. All of our frames on display are priced to include

Now is a great time to start wearing contact lenses. As we are able to fit and advise on all available contact lens options, and are not tied to just one contact lens manufacturer, we can advise you of the best lenses suitable for you and your lifestyle. Contact lenses give you the freedom to see all around, with a wider field of view than spectacles

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