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Jarvis Optometrist An independent practice for over 30 years providing quality eye care to the local community. An eye examination is not merely to detect and correct vision defects, it is also an important health check for your eyes. We offer a service tailored to your lifestyle, age and budget. Whether you wear glasses, contact lenses, Ortho-K Nocturnal Lenses or you are considering laser eye surgery, we have the expertise and latest in-store technology to advise on all areas of ophthalmic care.

Today's standard eye test involves a thorough check of both your vision and your eye-health. As we age we are prone to conditions that can lead to greatly impaired vision. We use modern non-invasive tests, such as OCT screening to detect the early stages of disease. We are experienced at fitting all lens types, from daily disposable lenses to Nocturnal lenses that reshape your eyes overnight and leave you lens free during the day.

Jarvis Optometrist provides all types of safety eyewear suitable for your needs up to the European standard EN166.

read more › We are an Independent practice and it is something we value, as it gives us the flexibility to respond to your personal needs. For example when selecting frames we are not restricted to particular suppliers, allowing us to obtain virtually any type of frame available. If you've seen a frame elsewhere - we can probably source it for you. As part of the examination we offer advanced tests using the latest equipment as it becomes available. For example, 3D Digital Imaging which records an image of the back of your eye allowing us to detect conditions at an early stage.

read more › Choosing the right glasses or contact lenses is very much a matter for the individual. At Jarvis Optometrist our primary concern is your eye health and therefore we will always guide you on the choices that are right for you. For example, there are contact lenses to suit almost every individual, but selecting the right lenses depends on a combination of lifestyle, physical characteristics as well as affordability. In all cases we will give you the most appropriate advice to suit you personally.

read more › An eye examination is not merely to detect and correct vision defects, it is also an important health check for your eyes. It can be used to detect eye conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataract. Also general health problems such as Hypertension and Diabetes. If these are caught early enough, they can be treated and controlled. At Jarvis Optometrist, where possible we use the latest technology. For example, we use digital imaging equipment to record an image of the back of the eye. This has proved very useful in the early detection of conditions and for the accurate measurement of changes to the eyes over time.

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