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Thie Optometrists supplies spectacle lenses in a wide range of tints, including photochromics which darken automatically in sunshine outdoors, and fade indoors, as well as varifocals and bifocals. The rapid pace of development in contact lens technology over the past 10 years has made lenses a genuinely viable alternative to spectacles for the vast majority of people.

Some people like to wear lenses occasionally - for example, when playing sports or on special occasions - whereas for others they are a way of life.

At Thie Optometrists, we offer a full comprehensive sight test. For adults we recomend this to be done every 2 years, for children 6 to 12 months in order to ensure healthy vision. Consultations usually take 30 minutes for adults and 15 to 30 minutes for children. Low vision, or partial sight from such conditions as Age Related Macular Degeneration

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