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Molsoms & Associates Molsom & Associates are an independent branch offering eye examinations in Spalding in Lincolnshire. We are a local family business, and as such we provide high quality tailored solutions for your eye care needs, in a relaxed environment with highly qualified staff on hand to provide you with advice and guidance that you need.

We stock a large variety of Spectacles, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Frames, Sports Eyewear and even specialist eyewear such as dental loupes so that we are able to cater for every style and budget.We are also proud that we can provide you with state of the art technology to ensure the highest levels of care are provided to you. We would love to hear from you, please either contact us, or request for us to call back to discuss meeting us at your convenience.

read more › Mr Andrew Molsom and Mr Ian Price our resident Opticians, along with our highly qualified staff can provide you with the advice and guidance that your eyes deserve. With additional services available, including Primary Eye Care clinics for referred patients, access to not only up to date 3D OCT technology but the experience of our Opticians and staff with this technology and results. Specialist services such as dry eye assessments, flashes and floater examinations and many more.

read more › When, nearly a year ago, following my usual annual eye-test, my optician explained that I needed to be referred to an Optometrist, I was a little worried, whether this referral would entail driving (relatively) long distances to a town I probably didn't know well, or even, not know at all! Naturally, I was most relieved to find that I was being referred to your firm, no further from my flat (on foot) than my Opticians! I can truthfully say, without any reservations whatsoever, that my treatment by you and your colleagues has truly been beyond first class - truly excellent!

read more › The award winning team at Molsom & Associates want to give you the best experience every time you visit them at the practice. So below is their agreed practice promise;. We promise to always give you a warm welcome and treat you as a member of our family (one we like of course!) 2. We promise our experienced staff will provide the latest optical technology and bespoke lens options on your visits. 3. We promise to provide a thorough, comprehensive eye exam with the time you deserve and with your choice of our resident optometrists.

read more › He attends our school and pre school visits helping to educate youngsters on the importance of good eye health. He is a little bit mischievous but loves a high five, cuddle or a bit of a dance! If you would like #molsommole to visit your event please contact Vicky 01775 713366 and she will check his diary for you.

read more › We take our patients Eye Health very seriously here at Molsom & Associates and offer a number of clinics to help our patients should they need them. Below we have documented some regular eye problems and how we can help you. This is a chronic (long term) condition meaning it can be reoccurring. Although Dry Eye normally does not affect sight it can be very painful. It is caused by your eye not producing enough tears or not being effective at spreading these evenly across the front of the eye. During a Dry Eye assessment you will receive a front eye assessment, tear assessment and an individual treatment plan.

read more › We want to be able to offer you peace of mind for your eye health. Introducing our Platinum membership plan has enabled us to do just that. Paying a monthly membership fee entitles you to all of our specialist services and a minimum of a yearly Advanced eye examination. You also enjoy additional discounts and priority booking of available appointments. Advanced eye examinations are available to all of our customers at an additional cost, please contact our team for current prices. Discussion including your health, you and your family's ocular history, and your visual requirements for work and hobbies.

read more › Regular eye examinations ensure that you are enjoying the best vision possible and will identify eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration in their early stages. Our opticians can also gain a useful insight into your general health from the appearance of your eyes and may detect underlying conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Discussion including your health, you and your family's ocular history, and your visual requirements for work and hobbies. Assessment of spectacle prescription for the required working distance, such as distance (TV, driving), intermediate (VDU) and near (reading, sewing).

read more › Children are never too young to have their eyes examined and do not have to be able to read. Regular eye examinations for children are so important, especially during the early days of education to ensure they can learn to their full potential. Up to 5 million children in the UK currently have undetected visual problems. If there is a family history of any sort of eye conditions, squints or lazy eye for example, the earlier the problem is detected the better. Every child living in the UK, under the age of 16 or in full time education up to the age of 18 is entitled to a NHS funded eye examination.

read more › Molsom & Associates were one of the first Spalding practices to have invested in OCT technology. We have always believed in the need to stay up to date with all of the latest developments in technology, offering our patients the very best. OCT technology is the next generation in imaging the internal structures of the eye. The unique way in which the image is formed means that for the first time it is possible to see below the surface of the retina and view the microscopic layers beneath. This is of profound importance in determining the precise diagnosis of visual problems and in helping us guide patients on the treatment options possible.

read more › Scientific research exists to show that coloured filters, known as "Coloured Overlays" can help some children to read better. The coloured overlays can be placed over a page of a book so as to colour the text beneath without interfering with its clarity. The use of the coloured overlays can help to reduce the perceptial distortions of text that some children sometimes describe. At Molsom Optometrists we are able assess the possible benefits of using overlays using a wide range of colours, because every child is individual and may not benefit from the same colour combination.

read more › We strive to give everyone a tailored approach to eyecare, where we will base decisions on which spectacle lenses you need from your everyday needs. Not everyone requires the same lenses, so we spend time understanding your requirements, and designing a solution to give you the very best vision and most comfortable spectacles to wear. We are able to use a range of lens suppliers giving us flexibility to find your perfect fit. We are a bespoke practice with Essilor and therefore able to offer you a unique experience and bespoke lenses to match your eyes requirements.

read more › At Molsom Optometrists, we carry a wide range of Sports and Fashion Sunglasses to suit everybody. Wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV light is vital and not just restricted to the bright summer days! So we stock a great range all year to ensure it is never too late (or early) to look at investing in your eye health. Maui Jim is the world's fastest growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses. The company's portfolio includes 112 styles in more than 200 SKUs that range from sport performance frames to fashion-forward eyewear, loaded with the most technologically advanced eye protection needed outdoors.

read more › Being independent means we can stock frames from a very wide range of manufacturers, giving you a large choice of styles and prices. We regularly update our selection of frames so that you can choose from the most fashionable styles. Our Lens Experts will ensure a professional fit so you just have to choose your favourite frame! However if you can not narrow it down to only 1 pair why not take advantage of our 20% off a complete second pair of sunglasses or spectacles (these must be to the same prescription and from our standard range please see our terms and conditions in the practice).

read more › Andy Molsom is an Accredited Optometric Practitioner With a special interest in the local community. He has been accredited by the NHS after undertaking additional training to be able to assess and treat more complex conditions. This means that after seeing an Optician they will sometimes feel it necessary to refer you for further investigation on your eyes for minor eye conditions. Your referral is assessed for suitability to been seen in the Community, you will then be contacted by the central booking centre to offer you a choice of local clinicians, if they are unable to contact you then you will be given a clinician based on your location.

read more › Often, people who have healthy eyes see floaters. They appear as spots, lines or cobweb effects, usually when you look at a plain surface such as a white wall or a clear blue sky. Often they appear when the clear jelly in the main part of your eye gets older. Sometimes the jelly in the main part of your eye shrinks a little and tugs on the retina (the light-sensitive layer) at the back of your eye. This can cause flashes of light at the edge of your vision. Flashes and floaters differ from the disturbance of vision that can occur with migraine.

read more › The macula is part of the retina at the back of the eye. It is only the size of a grain of rice but is responsible for our central vision, most of our colour vision and the fine detail of what we see. The Macula has a very high concentration of photoreceptor cells - the cells that detect light. They send signals to the brain, which interprets them as images. The rest of the retina processes our peripheral, or side vision. When Macular disease appears in later life it is called age-related Macular degeneration (or AMD).

read more › If you want more freedom from spectacles, then contact us to make an appointment for your FREE trial. We offer daily, 2 weekly and monthly disposable lenses. Most lenses are available on a planned replacement scheme, and patients can benefit from a discounted regular payment option. The technology of contact lenses has advanced in recent years so that they are more suitable for a wider range of prescriptions, including higher levels of astigmatism and varifocal lenses. We provide a fully comprehensive contact lens fitting service coupled with independent advice.

read more › Molsom and Associates offer eye examinations, eye wear, eye health and much more in our branch in Spalding center. We are situated between WH Smiths and the Nationwide Building Society close to the Market Place. This will give us time to complete your eye examination and help with your optical needs in full, thank you. Our practice in Spalding is able to provide those residents whom are local, as well as those looking for Eye tests in Kirton, as well as Eye tests in Swineshead, Eye tests in Pinchbeck, Eye Tests in Holbeach, Eye tests in Bicker and all surrounding areas.

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