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Allegro Optical Opticians Meltham Allegro Optical Ltd is a local optician providing ethical, professional and affordable eye care to the local community. In addition to helping local optical clients, we have developed a unique way of providing vision correction solutions for musicians, singers and dancers. We also help those who perform and present in everyday life, such as teachers, lecturers, etc.

We can help with the supply of spectacle and contact lens prescriptions and have a wide range of frames and lenses from leading manufacturers to choose from. Between us, we have over 100 years of experience in our respective fields. You can rest assured at Allegro Optical opticians you will receive a thorough eye test, providing a reassuringly accurate assessment of your vision and eye health.

We offer both NHS and private eye examinations. Our award winning eye care is delivered in a warm, friendly environment ensuring any client anxieties or fears are immediately put at ease. We know that each client is different and our tailored approach ensures your eye test is perfect for your individual needs.

read more › Would you like to bin the binns? Would life be easier without specs? Here at Allegro Optical Opticians, we believe that if you haven't tried contact lenses you'll never know how good your vision will be with contact lenses. For those who have busy or active lifestyles, contact lenses can have a positive impact on your day-to-day life. Offering a practical and discreet solution to better vision, disposable contact lenses blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. From dailies to monthly lenses and even coloured contact lenses, you will find exactly what you're looking for here.

read more › Advanced Optometry is an eye exam that takes a much closer look at your eyes. You will have access to advanced investigative techniques that aren't available with an NHS sight test. Including OCT Scans, Retinal Imaging, Dry Eye Assessments, Visual Stress Assessments, Digital Keratometry, Colourimetry and much more. These consultations take about 45 minutes of clinical time and have been designed for clients who want to take the very best care of their eyes. After carefully discussing your current eye health concerns, your visual requirements and your lifestyle, we will conduct a highly detailed examination of your eyes.

read more › Allegro Optical is an independent family run business based in West Yorkshire. We recognise the importance that our clients place on customer care and individual attention. Our exceptional service is built around our client's expectations; we aim to create a warm, welcoming and professional environment, with traditional family values. We place a huge emphasis on personal service and dispensing the very best frames and lenses to suit our client's needs. We pride ourselves on always providing correctly dispensed and "well-fitted" spectacles and contact lenses, for unrivalled performance, comfort and outstanding client satisfaction.

read more › We want to ensure that all our clients are listened to, understood and provided with a first class solution to their individual needs. Allegro Optical provides a unique independent service based in both Lancashire and West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a warm and friendly experience. Placing great emphasis on personal care and attention we get to know our client's needs by talking to them about their work, home and hobby requirements. This allows us to best understand exactly how best to help them.

read more › We have the experience, knowledge, skill and care, to hopefully give you the best experience you've ever had when visiting an optician! Sheryl Doe is a dispensing optician with over 20 years' experience in the optical profession and has experience in many different optical disciplines. She has worked in Europe and the UK in some of the most demanding areas of eye-care. A keen musician while at school Sheryl played the Cello and Double bass, however, she currently plays cornet in a local brass band.

read more › Have you ever wondered what we do when we examine your eyes? Well, there's everything you'd expect from a thorough eye examination plus, a little bit more. When you book an Allegro Optical Eye Examination, you can look forward to award-winning service that's a little bit special. Our stores are equipped with the very latest technology, so you'll enjoy the most thorough test available. We never rush our clients and we always take time to listen. We want to fully understand your needs and understand your lifestyle.

read more › Allegro Optical is a pair of independent specialist optical practices located in the North West of England. Established in 2016 with our first practice opening in Meltham, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Allegro Optical has been providing first-class specialist eye care to musicians, performers and the general public. Following the success of Meltham our Greenfield practice was opened in Greater Manchester. Our practices are as individual as you are and we have carefully chosen teams of fully qualified professional staff.

read more › Allegro Optical opticians, providing professional, ethical and affordable eye care to the people of Meltham, Holmfirth and Greenfield, Saddleworth. Specialist musician's optician, experts in the optical correction of musicians, presenters and performers. Allegro Optical would like to welcome clients old and new to our boutique optical practice in the heart of Meltham, Holmfirth. With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, we pride ourselves on giving a warm greeting and making all our clients feel like an individual.

read more › Allegro Optical opticians, providing professional, ethical and affordable eye care to the people of Greenfield, Uppermill, Delph, Denshaw, Diggle, Dobcross and all of Saddleworth as well as Mossley in Tameside. Allegro Optical would like to welcome clients old and new, to our boutique opticians practice in the heart of Greenfield, in Saddleworth. Housed in the new Greenfield Centre, we aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere with our friendly staff who pride themselves on giving a warm and friendly greeting.

read more › Allegro Optical is the first opticians in Meltham to have invested in a revolutionary piece of diagnostic equipment. Our 3D OCT eye scanner allows early detection of a number of key eye conditions, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy during a routine eye test. The 3D OCT Scanner or 3D Optical Coherence Tomography system (3D OCT), was previously only used in hospital eye clinics. The OCT instrument provides us with detailed 3D scans of two vital parts of your eye; the macular and the optic nerve, aiding the early detection or diagnosis of serious eye conditions.

read more › Are you worried about a recent eye condition? There is now a free service in the Oldham area to offer help and advice. CUES (Community Urgent Eyecare Service), it is provided by local accredited opticians who have specialist knowledge, training and skills. NOTE: If you have an eye condition that is being regularly monitored by your optometrist or hospital eye service, this will not be covered by CUES; for example cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. This service is accessible to individuals of any age if you are registered with a GP (in Oldham).

read more › The reason we are called "dispensing opticians" is because "dispensing" eye-wear is at the heart of what we do. We do indeed sell frames and help our clients to choose the best lenses for them, but it is our role as "dispensing opticians" that sets us apart from our peers in the field. Anyone can sell spectacle frames. Anyone can hand you a pair of glasses, but not everyone can dispense them and fit them properly. Giving good advice and service is crucial to what we do. The modern retail climate seems to be going headlong towards a more automated approach.

read more › Are you bored of the same old style of glasses you see in other high street opticians or all over the internet? Do you want a relaxed, personal experience? Have you been disappointed with other opticians in the past? At Allegro Optical we know that your glasses are often the very first thing anyone notices about you. They speak volumes about who you are before you have even said hello. With this in mind, they should reflect your personality perfectly. Expressing who you are, giving you even more confidence every single day, as well as being a perfect fit of course.

read more › Our ears allow us to hear and enjoy music, but if you are a musician, your eyes are just as important. Just like anyone else, you rely on your eyes to read clearly, but you also rely on them to read the music you need or want to play. The effects of visual problems for a musician can be severe. Certain age-related conditions can affect the eyes and have put professional musicians into early retirement. If you are a musician who is affected by vision problems, try not to worry, our clinical team are experienced in the specific visual needs of the entertainment industry.

read more › Children can have a free eye test from the age of three. Your child does not have to be able to read for these tests. Eye defects including long and short sight, astigmatism, squints and lazy eyes. Eye tests are free under the NHS for all children under 16 and for students under 19 in full-time education. At Allegro Opticians in Meltham we place great emphasis on looking after children's eyes. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer care and strong ethical values. We specialise in all aspects of children's eye care, dyslexia consultations, colorimetry, myopia control and all around excellent patient service.

read more › Now we can help you hear and see the music, at Allegro Optical Opticians in Greenfield and Meltham. Professional, ethical and affordable hearing and eye care for all. At Allegro Optical Opticians in Meltham, in addition to providing professional and affordable eye care, we are now offering free no obligation hearing care. We can now provide our clients with hearing tests and high-quality hearing aid technology. We are now working in partnership with one of the UK's major Hearing care suppliers.

read more › Buying glasses always gives a mixture of emotions. There are the style, financial and technical considerations. This is why our team are on hand to guide you through every step of the journey, and why we have an interest free payment option. We've joined up with Braemarfinance to provide an online patient Fast Track finance facility. This provides funding options to allow you to pay for your lenses, frames, sunglasses and contact lenses at a monthly cost you can afford. Our Fast Track application is completed online, either in our practice or at home at a time that suits you.

read more › If you answered yes to any of these questions call Allegro Optical, the musician's optician on 01484 907090. We can help you see the music and more. In music, the term allegro distinguishes a movement which is to be played very quickly. The conductor might instruct the ensemble to try playing a piece allegro, but what if the musician can't see the music clearly or focus on the conductor for instruction. Imagine if your job depended on your ability to focus at multiple distances and you found it increasingly difficult to do so.

read more › Our vision was, and still is, to provide excellent eye care and customer service, but did you know, eyes aren't the only thing we do? Some of our readers will know that we provide hearing care services and hearing aids, and we are delighted to announce our new podiatry and chiropody service. Our ethos is to promote your well-being and transform your overall health in our warm and welcoming environment in complete comfort. Driven and inspired by modern treatments and therapies, we are sure that you will be fully satisfied with our vast range of services and now including chiropody and podiatry.

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