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Souten & Agyemang Our mission is to provide our patients a tailored eye examination experience with a specialist optometrist and the latest technologies available. We pride ourselves on giving excellent personal service. Our patients are individuals not numbers. We use the latest technology when we examine your eyes - a thorough exam can reassure you about your eye and general health.

Visited for the first time with my son last week. Due to a bad experience in the past my son has not had eye drops in for almost 2 years as he wouldn't let anyone do it. I can't express how patient and amazing the staff were. My son was so upset and worked up but the lady on reception came in and was absolutely amazing in helping and assisting. My son soon calmed down and had his drops in.

I could of cried, I was that happy. The optometrist was fantastic. He explained everything thoroughly to me and we did not feel rushed at all. I would definitely recommend and I can't thank them enough for an amazing service that they gave me and my son!

read more › We pride ourselves on giving excellent personal service. Our patients are individuals, not numbers. We use the latest technology when we examine your eyes - a thorough exam can reassure you about your eye and general health. We have a wide range of spectacle frames for all ages, styles and occupations, and we are happy to take as long as you need to find the frame that suits you and your lifestyle, and which you feel comfortable in. In addition, we are the 1st independent prescribing practice in Huddersfield which means if you require medication for an eye ailment this can be prescribed and managed by us.

read more › Irfan is an independent prescriber specialist optometrist and owner of Souten and Agyemang optometrist. He has vast experience working in many optical settings including the high street opticians, other independent opticians and working in hospital ophthalmology clinics. These experiences are now delivered from the practice making this a unique practice in its own right. As well as being an experienced specialist optometrist Irfan holds a specialist qualification in glaucoma and in independent prescriber.

read more › We are the 1st practice in Huddersfield to offer this service. Ortho-k lenses correct your vision while you sleep. Simply pop your ortho-k lenses in before bedtime, remove them in the morning, and wake up to a world of clear, sharp, natural vision without a lens! EyeDream works by gently reshaping the front surface of the eye (the cornea) while you sleep. The change is very slight but the result can be life changing. Ortho-k lenses (such as EyeDream) currently offer the most effective means of slowing Myopia (short-sightedness) in children.

read more › Your eyesight is your most precious sense, deserving the highest standards of professional. The key to good vision for life is having regular eye examinations. Aged 40 or over and your mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter has been diagnosed with glaucoma. Eligible for an NHS Complex Lens Voucher (our optometrist will advise on the entitlement).

read more › Your eye lids feel crusty, you struggle to open your eyes each morning and even a good rub doesn't help. Familiar? Over half of us suffer with discomfort, dryness or blurred vision. Dry eye progressively worsens with age. We are finding much younger patients concentrating on their electronic devices forget to blink enough and a slower blink rate means the natural tear film does not get replenished frequently enough. A few reasons where dry eye can be exacerbated are with certain medications, contact lens wear, air conditioning and dusty environments.

read more › Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in printed text. It is estimated to be suffered by around 40% of poor readers and 20% of the general population. Many thousands of individuals who find reading tiring and unpleasant, unknowingly experience visual stress, but there is something you can do about it. We have many patients, young and older, already benefiting from this alternate approach and they have achieved excellent results reporting a significant decrease in their visual symptoms.

read more › OCT is a non-invasive imaging method used to generate a picture of the back of the eye in very high detail. The technology uses thousands of beams of light to create a 3D image (much like how sound-waves are used in ultrasound). The OCT scan enables us to get a microscopic view of the various layers of the retina and below. We can detect numerous conditions such as Glaucoma, Macula degeneration and much more!

read more › Recent advances also mean modern contact lenses are suitable for nearly all types of prescription, including bifocals and if you have astigmatism. Which type of lens is best for you will come down to a matter of preference and lifestyle. Many of our patients have switched to contact lenses almost completely, others stick with their spectacles and wear lenses for certain sports, work or hobbies and some simply use them for special occasions. They are particularly convenient with active sports, for those conscious of their look in traditional spectacles, or just off to a special occasion such as a wedding.

read more › We are the first optometrist practice in Huddersfield to offer an eye treatment, management and monitoring service in the community for a wide range of eye conditions where prescription medicines would be required to resolve the issue. This is a unique service provided by Netherton Optometrists and we are proud to be pioneering this. Some examples of the benefits include (but are not limited to) quick access to appointments usually on the day at a time to work around you and quick access to prescribed treatment where necessary.

read more › Instead of waiting for a GP appointment or attending A&E, please ring us for an appointment if you have red, gritty, sore or painful eyes, irritation, inflammation or discharge, flashes, floaters or if you think you have an ingrowing eye lash or something in your eye. Please note very limited treatment is available under this service. See below for advanced eye problem clinic. This clinic is for conditions that require specialist management, treatment including prescription medicines and certain procedures.

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