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Barnard Optometrists is a long-established, independent Opticians in Hove providing clinical eye care, contact lenses and glasses for over 40 years. Our aim is to provide patients with clinically excellent eye care, complemented with dispensing high-quality ophthalmic lenses and eyewear. We strive for clinical excellence with professional and personal advice to cater for your individual needs.

We have longer appointments, so we have the time to understand you, your needs, explain our findings, and formulate a management plan with you. We will always offer honest clinical advice. Our goal is "Prevention". Our clinical equipment is very carefully chosen to assist our Practitioners to identify and monitor the earliest signs of eye conditions so that together we can keep your eyes seeing and feeling their best.

Our Optometrists are highly experienced and committed to staying ahead, keeping up-to-date with advances in Optometry worldwide. As an Independent Practice, we have access to all and use the supplier to get the best products for you, whether its lenses for glasses, frames or contact lenses.

Barnard Associates was started in 1979 by Professor Simon Barnard (now based in his London Practice - Barnard Levit Optometrists) and was created to provide high-quality patient care, specialising in eye health and paediatric eye care for the residents of Brighton and Hove. The Practice has gone on to develop a distinction throughout Sussex and further

At Barnard Optometrists, we provide clinically thorough eye examinations tailored toward your individual needs. Your Eye Examination with our highly experienced Optometrists may take up to an hour, afterwards, the most important part - formulating your Management Plan - when we spend the time with you to discuss your results, offer advice on vision

Advances in technology (materials and designs) mean even more people than ever can wear contact lenses regardless of age or prescription, including having astigmatism or needing different corrections for distance and near. There are contact lenses available that will meet your needs, and we specialise in finding that contact lens for you. As an independent

One of our dispensing opticians will discuss your prescription, lifestyle and vocational needs to find the best ophthalmic solutions for you. A curved piece of glass, plastic, or other transparent material, used in cameras, glasses, and scientific equipment, that makes objects seem closer, larger, smaller, etc. There are so many manufacturers with multiple

Children are often unaware of issues with their eyes, or vision and many eye problems may not give rise to any symptoms. Early detection is key to successful treatment of eye conditions and is crucial for their development socially and to the best of their ability. If there is a family history of eye problems, then children would be at a higher risk

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