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Blink Opticians. See What You Want To See With a 10 year history as one of Northamptonshire leading Opticians Practices, we have a heritage for providing a unique and tailored service. Take a look at how Blink Opticians can provide you with a personalised range of eye care services, from your first initial eye test to your exciting new glasses. At Blink Opticians we pride ourselves in providing exactly what our individual clients need.

As independents we don't have head office targets to meet. That means we don't have to see a certain number of clients a day and we take as long as we need with each client. We don't have sales targets on particular product ranges either which means we'll make sure you get the lenses or frames that are perfect for you as opposed to some that 'will do'.

Our goal as specialists in eye health is to provide personalised solutions that will enhance both your appearance and your vision. As a customer of ours you can expect to receive a top quality service that includes personalised advice and professional care with all the added benefits like a friendly, knowledgeable service, efficient ordering systems and reminder services.

Whether you're confused about why you should go for a regular eye test or how you should look after your eyes when wearing contact lenses, Blink Opticians can help you to answer some of your most troublesome questions and help you to look after your eyes. Your eyes cannot be replaced. You will not necessarily have any symptoms or pain. The eye test

As a customer of Blink Opticians you can always rely on a warm, friendly welcome and knowledgeable technical, medical and aesthetic advice. Your eye tests will be tailored to suit your individual needs. Time is part of the service at Blink Opticians. You'll never be rushed and we'll always take the time to listen to your individual needs so that we

Choosing frames that are right for your face is important if you want to look great in your glasses. Two of the most important considerations you have to make are that your frames complement your face shape and hair colour. Don't panic though - help is at hand from the friendly team at Blink Opticians. We're here to help you find the perfect frame that

A round face is free of angles with an equally proportioned width and length - frames with a narrow angular shape will help define your face making it appear thinner and longer. The oval face is classed as the perfect face shape, with perfectly balanced proportions. Really, any shape of frame will look good. To help you choose, remember to select frames

Myopia simply means short sight. This Myopia happens when light from an object forms an image before it reaches your retina. This could happen because your eye is too long, or your cornea or crystalline lens bends the light too steeply. A person with myopic vision can see clearly when looking at objects that are close to them, but has blurred vision

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