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Petticrew Optometrists The Petticrew family have been looking after eyes in Northern Ireland since 1887 - one of the longest established family practices in the UK. Andrew says, It is something a bit special for me, to have the opportunity to practice the uncompromising way I feel it should be done, in a family business which was started by my great-grandad. I am the luckiest man in the world.

I jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to my work! Tragic really, isn't it. Sara (Andrew's sister) says "Having grown up from no age in a world of eyes, glasses and contact lenses, being back in practice feels a little like "coming home". Great to be here, catching up with all our patients, and keeping an eye on my little brother at the same time!

Over 12,000 people in Northern Ireland have entrusted us with their eye care. We cherish the reputation and loyalty we have built over the past century and pride ourselves in having patients that live all over the world, from Albuquerque to Zimbabwe. Andrew Petticrew is the fourth generation of Petticrew looking after eyes - his father, grandfather and great grandfather have worked with eyes and spectacles.

read more › Give us a shout on 02890 323341 or 'bung us a wee e-mail' at We are on the first floor of Holbeck House, (between Leeds Building Society and Gordons Chemist), in Cornmarket, Belfast City Centre. We have a lift at the rear of it helps. Free spectacle refurb (new nosepads, deep clean, tighten screws, adjustment and lubrication).

read more › We provide a complete range of high quality frames at very reasonable prices, using lenses with the very best optics available. The result is a pair of spectacles designed to give you optimum visual comfort whist being physically comfortable and looking good too. Snooker, cycling and water sports vision correction as well as prescription swimming and ski goggles.

read more › We have a wealth of training and experience in fitting many many different types of contact lenses for many different types of people. We take great care in contact lens fitting to ensure your eyes stay healthy, are totally comfortable and your vision is good. Your initial consultation involves a full eye examination, a number of detailed additional tests and measurements and a discussion with you about the different contact lens options available to you. We then source the best lenses for you and ensure they are performing optimally on the eye.

read more › Children's eye care is extremely important. Using a number of special techniques we can get almost as much information about their eyes as we can about an adult's. A common question parents ask is, "When should my child have their first eye examination?" The truth is that they are never too young to have an eye examination. We can get really useful information from day one. On a routine basis, once per year every year from age three or younger if you notice anything unusual. We see people every day who have permanent vision loss due to not having had regular eye tests as a child.

read more › We pride ourselves in giving experienced, impartial advice on all types of refractive surgery, (not just LASIK). Most importantly, we feel that the decision to have surgery must be an educated one, so a thorough assessment of the visual system is performed and easily understood advice is given. Unfortunately not all surgeons have equally good results so we try to steer you in the right direction about that too. Finally, if the decision to have surgery is made, we take a series of precise pre and post-operative measurements to verify that the surgery has been completely successfully.

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