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Mark Davis Optician Spondon Visit the optician who likes looking after people; the practice where professional service isn't just a word, it is a way of life, guaranteed. Your eye examination will be tailored to meet all your needs. When you visit your optician you want to be greeted warmly by a friendly, familiar face, don't you? Protect your eyes. Long-term exposure to sunlight increases the risk of a type of cataract and is also linked to pterygia (a growth on the surface of the eye).

1 in 10 individuals aged 65 and above suffer from macular degeneration; an eye condition that affects central vision. When it comes to contact lenses, lots of people are still under the impression they're uncomfortable to wear and dry out the eyes. However, this is no longer the case. Sports Eyewear is an area which we are all interested in, but for some people it matters much more than for others.

You have a big decision to make when it comes to your eyewear, don't you? Glasses are on your face, so are one of the first things that people notice about you, so you want to make sure you choose the right pair.

read more › Patient care and satisfaction was the most important reason for me becoming an independent Optician nearly 35 years ago. It is as important today as it was then. When I first qualified as a dispensing optician I worked for the largest firm of opticians at their flagship branch in the City of London. I loved working with people, getting to know them and trying to help them with their optical needs, but always there was head office and the area manager saying " you shouldn't have done this, you should have made more profit there."

read more › You'll find our Spondon practice located in a one hundred year old end of terrace building, which used to be a second hand washing machine shop. In 1982 our owner Mark Davis bought the shop and since then, he has been refurbishing and purposefully building the practice into the comfortable, modern environment it is today. It is extremely important to us that we are always able to offer you the very best, most thorough eye examinations available. For that reason we are always investing in the latest equipment and technology, and sending our staff on courses - all so we're able to offer you the very greatest optical experience possible.

read more › We moved into our Whitwick practice in 1994 when our owner Mark Davis acquired it as part of a group of four practices. Over the years he went on to sell two of the practices so he was left with just two - Whitwick and Spondon - to focus his energies on. Our Whitwick practice was originally a spacious fireplace workshop before Mark bought it and turned it into an impressive looking optometry establishment. Since then it has recently undergone a re-fit after we took patient feedback into consideration.

read more › When you visit your optician you want to be greeted warmly by a friendly, familiar face, don't you? You want to be made to feel comfortable in your surroundings and receive a thorough eye examination from an experienced optical professional. You can look forward to all of these things at Mark Davis Optician. After you have been given time to relax at our practice, a member of our team will ask you a few quick questions about your eye and general health. The reason we ask these questions is to find out a little bit more about you in order to provide you with a personalised eye examination, perfect for your needs.

read more › It is extremely important that your child has his or her eyes tested regularly from a young age. Because the majority of eye conditions don't have any symptoms, your little one could have a problem they don't even know about. In some cases, children struggle to read the white board at school. This can lead to frustration, a lack of concentration and in some cases, underachievement. A simple trip to the optician is all it takes to rectify problems with your child's sight and, better yet, children are entitled to FREE eye examinations, courtesy of the NHS.

read more › OCT stands for ocular coherence tomography, which essentially means building a highly detailed image of the back of the eye that can be viewed in three dimensions. The optometrist uses the OCT scanner to create an image of the back of your eye, allowing them to pick up any issues or abnormalities with an exceptional level of accuracy. An OCT scan is a simple and pain-free procedure, and produces an image with a significantly higher resolution than any other optical imaging technology. This gives us much more information that we use to look after your eye health.

read more › You have a big decision to make when it comes to your eyewear, don't you? Glasses are on your face, so are one of the first things that people notice about you, so you want to make sure you choose the right pair. At Mark Davis Optician you're in for a treat. When you visit our practice you will have over 500 frames to choose from, including ranges from world-renowned brands such as Dior, Adidas and Gucci. We even have some of the finest quality collections from prestigious brand Silhouette. If it's something a little less flash you're after however, you'll be interested to know we also carry large varieties of unbranded options.

read more › When it comes to contact lenses, lots of people are still under the impression they're uncomfortable to wear and dry out the eyes. However, this is no longer the case. Major advances in lens technology mean that today contact lenses are made from various materials - including self-lubricating options - so that they can be worn more comfortably for longer. And with daily, weekly and even monthly lenses available, you're now more likely than ever to find the solution best suited to you and your lifestyle.

read more › Whether you are considering contact lenses for the first time or thinking about changing or upgrading, we can help you understand the different soft lens options available and their benefits. Most contact lenses available today are soft lenses. Soft contact lenses are comfortable, easy to wear and most people get used to them in minutes. In fact, many people say that soft contact lenses feel almost like wearing nothing at all. Soft contact lenses are extremely fine and contain water, which enables them to stay soft and supple so that they can easily mould to the shape of your eye.

read more › Many tints are available and the lightness or darkness and the colour of the tint are largely a matter of personal choice. Sunglasses with a CE mark show that they are made to an agreed European standard. There is also a British standard for sunglasses, which should be looked for when buying them BSEN 1836:1997. Sunglasses may also help people that are light sensitive or have problems dealing with glare. If you're new to Mark Davis Optician we'd like to say 'welcome' by offering you our Full eye test for the cost of our Standard Eye Test, a saving of 30.00.

read more › Whether you cycle for pleasure, climb mountains, play badminton or swim, normal eyewear will probably not do the job. There is now a broad range of frames; lenses and tints all aimed at helping you take part in your chosen sport safely and to the best of your ability. Active sportsmen and women are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of wearing suitable eyewear whilst participating in their chosen sport. It goes without saying that performance is enhanced when you can see clearly. This applies to both spectacle and contact lens wearers whereby many goggles and frames can cater for prescriptions.

read more › It is estimated that 1 in every 10 people over the age of 65 has some form of macular degeneration - an eye condition which causes loss of central vision. For that reason, if you are over the age of 50 in particular, you are highly advised to visit your optician at least once a year. Macular degeneration (MD) develops when the macula (the part of the eye responsible for central vision) is unable to function as effectively as it used to. There are two types of MD: dry and wet. Most MD starts as the dry type and in 10-20% of individuals, it progresses to the wet type.

read more › Our eyes are ten times more sensitive to UV light than our skin and children's eyes are at the greatest risk of UV damage. Because children have big pupils and clearer lenses inside the eye, this means that up to 70% more UV light reaches the retina than in an adult's eye. This makes it especially important for kids to protect their eyes from the sun. Experts say nearly 50% (or more) of our lifetime exposure to UV rays may occur by the age of 18, as many children spend significantly more time outdoors than when we be come adults.

read more › I am delighted to offer a comprehensive hearing care service to my patients. The Hearing Care Partnership (THCP) employ only fully-qualified audiologists and share my dedication to providing first class professional care. THCP run clinics in my practices regularly, offering services including free hearing assessments, the latest digital hearing aids with lifetime aftercare, hearing protection, ear wax removal and more. If this service can be of any use to you or someone that you know, please don't hesitate to phone one of our practices for more information.

read more › I believe that great vision and eye health of my patients is paramount, and this the reason that I am in practice. The problem that raises itself at this point is that quality isn't cheap. I continually strive to offer great value for money, recommending the best available lenses and frames, and offering state of the art eye care. However, I have always been aware that, no matter how good the value for money is, the cost is always there. This is why I have created the Vision Care Club. Save on eyewear - up to 25% depending on your plan level on all glasses and sunglasses, however many pairs you buy.

read more › It was over two years ago that I started upon the search to find an ethical hearing company that would be able to provide a good quality hearing service to my patients. This search was initiated by one of my patients who told me that they had gone to one of the free providers in town, and whilst the hearing aids that they had be given had helped, they were still not happy. How it was explained me was; it's like the lenses that I use to have before I came to you. I could see alright, but I was sure that it could be better.

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