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P L M Optometrists PLM Optometrists is an independent group of five optical practices based in Fife, whose partners are all practising optometrists registered with the General Optical Council. Friendly service, sensibly priced eyewear, and the highest possible standards of eye care are what you can expect to find. We achieve these through being independent - we have the freedom to order whichever optical products will best suit our patients.

Our independence also means we can decide for ourselves how much time and care we need to take with our patients.

Eye examinations are made up of two sections: the sight test that measures your vision and establishes the amount of correction needed, and the eye health check. The health check can include various investigations, but all our examinations now include retinal photography. These health checks are important because they can reveal problems that don't

PLM's dispensing team will help you find the ideal combination of frame and lenses. Being independent optometrists, we are not restricted by brand or style of frame. We also have access to virtually any type of lens, ensuring that you'll look great in your glasses, and they will be finely tuned to your particular visual needs. Even if you have a particular

Contact lenses are easier to wear and to care for than ever before. New technology is constantly refining and improving lens materials, so that almost anyone can find a lens that exactly suits their needs. PLM Optometrists is an independent group and this enables us to source lenses from any manufacturer who we know can produce the right lens for you

PLM Plus is a package that is tailor-made to provide you with everything you need to enjoy wearing contact lenses. When you wear contact lenses it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy and you always have the optimum lenses. Membership of PLM Plus is 9.50 per month, plus the cost of your lenses, which start

Our practices are committed to offering the most advanced products available. Modern technological advances lead to more and more new materials, treatments and sophisticated lens designs being developed. These can improve the appearance and performance of your frames and lenses. However, as you would expect, they are more expensive. But by introducing

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