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Bill Opticians We believe our combination of the latest technology, experienced staff and great customer service, allows us to provide our patients with a truly professional and personal service. We know that a good experience at your optician goes further than just a sight test. Whether you would like to trial contact lenses, buy a new pair of glasses or book a specialist colourimetry test for your child, we have you covered.

Please feel free to browse through our site, and should you have any queries or if you would like to book an appointment then please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail.

read more › Bill Opticians is an established chain of independent opticians with six branches throughout Devon. We pride ourselves on our use of the latest equipment and examination techniques to ensure a truly professional and accurate service at all times. The practice had been in Newton Abbot since the 1930s. The Bills built up a loyal following of customers for twenty-five years, carrying out over 100,000 eye examinations. In 1999 they were joined by their sons, James (a contact lens practitioner) and Charles (an optometrist).

read more › Bill & Taylor Dawlish opened in 1981 after Roger Taylor and his partners purchased two part time practices in the town. Roger built up a loyal following locally by providing a personal ophthalmic service with the emphasis on patient care. They were joined by John Campbell who brought a wealth of optical experience and is now the resident optometrist at Bill Opticians Dawlish. Bill Opticians on The Strand has some of the latest equipment including a state of the art retinal camera. We have introduced new ranges suitable for all budgets.

read more › Most opticians are driven by a desire to sell, but The Medical Eye Clinic is different. Our aim is to provide expert advice on any aspect of eye care. It is unusual to find a facility that accommodates eye surgeons, doctors, nurses and opticians all working towards one goal: To ensure that your eyes are healthy and that your vision is the best it can be. This is a new concept in Eye Care where the Bill Opticians Exeter practice is just one part of a complete, comprehensive eye centre, covering all the different aspects of care, eye tests and treatments.

read more › Bill Opticians in Honiton was added to their growing business and provided customers in the local area with their particular blend of quality eye care. The original support staff were kept on and joined by a couple of highly experienced opticians, so not only was there a wealth of optical knowledge but for the existing clients there was still a familiar face to welcome them. As ever there are spectacles to suit all budgets, you can purchase our eyewear from our budget ranges or for those who are looking for something more exclusive you will find designer spectacles from many different international brands, including collections by RayBan, Bvlgari, Prada and Polo Ralph Lauren.

read more › The Bill family has always been involved in the practice at Teignmouth as it was first established by Mike Taylor along with Peter and Lesley Bill in 1979. Mr Taylor focused on providing a quality, personal service and has been supported throughout by fully qualified and highly professional like-minded colleagues, dedicated to giving the very best eye-care at his opticians in Teignmouth. His ethos was one that did not compromise on the formula of service and quality. The practice was already known for providing a high standard of optometry and now with the latest equipment, new services and an exciting range of spectacle frames Bill Opticians in Teignmouth really can provide the very best in modern eye-care.

read more › This Practice opened in 1981, and over 30 years, built an outstanding reputation for quality eye care. The practice now houses a dedicated team of eye care professionals with optometrists, dispensing opticians and highly trained support staff all committed to providing exceptional patient care. Bill Opticians Tiverton took over and look after his existing patients and his loyal staff. Today you will be welcomed by the same familiar faces you are accustomed to as the practice manager, Vicky Cole, and all the other staff have happily agreed to stay on at the practice.

read more › The Totnes practice was established as an independent opticians in 2006 and soon built a reputation for exciting spectacle frames displayed in a unique, bespoke showroom. In 2012 The Bill Family became involved with this beautiful practice. Bill Opticians Totnes has a unique feeling with quality eyecare being provided in an exciting, hand built showroom. The practice has the latest eye examination equipment meaning that the measurements used in spectacle dispensing are more accurate than ever before.

read more › Charles graduated from Glasgow University in 1996 and followed in his mother's foot steps by training with the Ophthalmic Department in Exeter, which is now part of The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Charles still runs a paediatric clinic at Torbay Hospital and so if you are worried about your child's eye sight we would recommend you book an appointment to see him. Charles is also meticulous when it comes to spectacle dispensing so if you have a strong prescription and have never been happy with your glasses Charles may well be able to solve your problems.

read more › Bill Opticians and Acuvue Contact lens recycling programme - for ALL contact lens wearers. Please dispose of your used contact lenses in the recycling bins available in every Bill Opticians waiting room. It is believed that in the UK, 3 quarters of a billion contact lenses a year are either flushed away or sent to landfill. It was thought that contact lenses could not be recycled but now this has all changed. Acuvue has teamed up with global recycling specialist Terracycle with the aim of preventing this waste which is contributing to environmental damage.

read more › Please donate your unwanted glasses at the recycling point available in every Bill Opticians waiting room. For many of us, life in the 21st century can be non stop and our vision is critical to our quality of life. We regularly have our prescriptions examined and altered in order to achieve the best visual results and whilst looking after your sight is of paramount importance, it is easy to forget last year's glasses in the back of a drawer somewhere when in fact they could be used to change the life of those less fortunate than ourselves.

read more › It has been said that by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. We are all aware of the terrible environmental impact this is having and Bill Opticians are proud to be able to bring you a range of glasses that is trying to have a positive impact by removing some of this waste and transforming it in to high quality eyewear. 10% of all plastic waste in the sea is lost and discarded fishing nets. They are made from one of the least biodegradable materials known to man and are having a devastating effect on ocean life.

read more › The NHS only funds a basic optician's eye test, which unfortunately does not include the use of the latest techniques and technology that Bill Opticians can now offer. For a small monthly fee you will have access to the very latest in ophthalmic equipment and techniques. You will also have access to exclusive discounts on the best in designer eyewear and advanced lenses. You will not be restricted to the NHS appointment structure, allowing you to access advanced eye examinations annually and as often as you and your optician feel is necessary with our Advanced and Premium plans.

read more › Imagine a vision correction that works while you sleep. Imagine waking up to clear, comfortable vision in the morning, without the need to wear specs or contact lenses during the day. Well, imagine no more. EyeDream, a form of orthokeratology (ortho-k), corrects your vision while you sleep. Simply remove the custom lenses upon waking and enjoy a world of clear, natural vision throughout the day. EyeDream is safe and effective and has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

read more › At Bill Opticians we are constantly investing in the most up to date equipment so your eye examination will be more accurate than ever before. We have six different clinic rooms at our disposal, some which you may recognise are used for regular eye examinations and others are for more specialist test such as retinal photography. Retinal Photography is our latest clinic and allows us to photograph the back of your eye. This provides us with an exact and permanent record of your retinal health and allows us to monitor any future changes with an amazing degree of accuracy.

read more › Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages. Similar to ultrasound, OCT uses light rather than sound waves to illustrate the different layers which make up the back of your eye. For a number of years we have been able to photograph the back of your eye making the record of your ocular health much more accurate. With the new 3D scan we still have the photograph but now we also have a three dimensional cross section of the back of your eye. The scan is non-invasive, painless, simple and quick.

read more › The development of your child's eyes is so important that the NHS will fund regular eye examinations here at Bill Opticians. All our optometrists are fully qualified to test children's eyes and the practice also has a specialist interest in pediatrics. During a child's ocular development there are many problems that go unnoticed by parents but if these problems are detected early they can be helped and in some cases completely resolved. Should your child require spectacles we have an exciting range of children's glasses.

read more › Colorimetry is a technique which uses specific colours to help with children's reading difficulties, including dyslexia. It appears to benefit approximately 40% of dyslexic sufferers. The coloured filters appear to be very specific to each individual and there are more than 2500 individual colour combinations that can be prescribed. The colorimetry clinic is held one Saturday per month at the Newton Abbot practice with our specialist Hannah Stewart. The appointment would consist of a full orthoptic check (making sure the right and left eye muscles are well balanced and capable of tracking words on a page) and then a Colorimetry assessment would look at helping any reading problems with the coloured filters.

read more › Ever thought about trying contact lenses but have been worried about what is involved? They are comfortable and easy to wear and at BILL Opticians you can try them free of charge. Contact lenses are a great way to gain freedom from the restrictions of spectacles. They have many advantages over spectacles so if you are bothered by the weight of your glasses, fed up with them steaming up or find they get in the way playing sport then contact lenses could be for you. At BILL opticians we offer a range of contact lens designs for all types of prescriptions.

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