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Andrew Keirl Opticians Andrew Keirl is both an Optometrist and a Dispensing Optician and has been working in optics for longer than he cares to remember. His career actually started way back in 1979 as a student Dispensing Optician in Somerset and he often recalls the fact that his first job was to sweep the pavement outside the practice! Following qualification as a Dispensing Optician he worked as a practice manager before qualifying as an Optometrist.

For many years Andrew was a Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge teaching optometry and ophthalmic dispensing to undergraduate students. Andrew is the proprietor of Andrew Keirl Opticians in Liskeard and is passionate about eyecare and is proud to be an independent Optician. Andrew's practice is part of the Peninsula Optometrists Community Glaucoma shared-care scheme which provides convenient, local care to patients with stable glaucoma.

He is secretary of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Optical Committee and has also worked as a Low Vision Practitioner at the Royal Eye Infirmary in Plymouth.

read more › The content of an eye examination and the equipment used will vary from patient to patient. We are proud to boast some of the latest optometry equipment within the practice and are often asked by patients what the kit does. So here's a brief explanation of what some of the equipment does along with a brief overview of some of the services offered by Andrew Keirl Opticians in Liskeard. We are more than happy to offer a guided tour of the equipment during a consultation. In the early diagnosis of many vision problems, high resolution digital retinal imaging provides an invaluable tool, enabling us to record and later compare images of each retina at follow up visits.

read more › An eye examination can detect a number of common underlying health problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. An eye examination determines whether your eyesight would benefit from correction with spectacles and determines the best form of correction for your vision and lifestyle. Failing eyesight is often taken for granted as people get older. This is not always the case as appropriate spectacles along with good lighting can significantly improve the quality of life for an older person.

read more › It is now recognised that a child who has a vision problem may struggle at school and fall behind with essential skills such as reading. All children should therefore have a sight test before they start school. At Andrew Keirl Opticians in Liskeard we can perform a useful sight test on children from the age of about two years although we have examined children who are only six months old! Children do not have to be able to read letters in order to have an eye examination as Optometrists often use pictures instead of letters to assess a child's vision.

read more › Dry eye is a multifactorial disease of the tears & ocular surface that results in symptoms of discomfort, visual disturbance & tears instability with potential damage to the ocular surface. There are numerous products and treatment regimens available which can offer significant relief to dry eye sufferers and help repair damage caused by dry eye. Treatment is aimed at both the symptoms and the cause. The treatment of dry eye will depend on the cause and the symptoms and we aim to deal with both.

read more › Andrew Keirl Opticians in Liskeard are pleased to be a Hoya Specialist Optician. However, we can obtain spectacle lenses from all the major lens suppliers including Zeiss, Essilor, Rodenstock and Norville. As well as giving you clear vision, the design and materials used in modern lenses make a big contribution to the flattering appearance of today's spectacles. Highly advanced plastics materials mean that lenses can be made thinner and lighter than ever before, even for higher prescriptions. Most lenses will benefit from a reflection-free coating which will virtually eliminate distracting reflections on both sides of the lens.

read more › Major advances in contact lens design mean that almost everyone can wear contact lenses successfully as most vision problems can now be corrected using contact lenses. All our contact lenses are supplied through our Eyeplan Contacts Aftercare Plan. Members of Eyeplan Contacts simply pay a fixed monthly fee by direct debit which includes all contact lenses, solutions and all eye care appointments. At Andrew Keirl Opticians in Liskeard it's our job to find the best contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

read more › Andrew Keirl Opticians is delighted to be the exclusive stockist in Liskeard for Maui Jim sunglasses. This premium range of polarising sunglasses needs to be worn to be believed and are great for eliminating glare and enhancing colour discrimination. They are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. Come in and try them! Our trained staff will be delighted to help you choose your new sunglasses or why not call in with a friend and have some fun trying on all the different styles.

read more › For tennis, squash, cricket, cycling, swimming, shooting, archery, golf and many other sports and pastimes, there are specialised frames and lenses designed to give you that extra edge in performance. Specialised tints in spectacles can greatly enhance vision, and there are now specially tinted contact lenses that do the same. New lens and frame materials can provide substantial protection from injury. This is especially important for younger eyes or sports involving high velocity projectiles. We would be delighted to offer individual advice regarding personalised eyewear to patients with specific occupational or vocational needs.

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