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Simpson Opticians is a family run Opticians based in Larkhall & East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire. Euan Simpson is the third generation of Optician at Simpson Opticians. His three daughters, Siobhan, Hannah and Lucy are all qualified Opticians too, ensuring that the family business will continue into the fourth generation. Our aim is to offer outstanding Personal Service.

Established in the early 1930's, we have been providing Opticians' services for over 80 years at our practice in Union Street, Larkhall. In 2015 we opened our East Kilbride practice in Calderwood Square. In 2019 the Village Opticians in East Kilbride closed and transferred their records to our Calderwood eye clinic. Both our Optometry practices have been fully refurbished and updated and are stocked with the latest frame styles, including top designers and quality kids frames.

Here at Simpson Opticians, we are genuinely interested in providing the highest level of eye-care at the best possible prices. We believe we have the best range of glasses / frames available in South Lanarkshire and beyond; displayed in a friendly, modern, open environment at our shop in Larkhall & East Kilbride.

read more › Simpson Opticians are able to provide free NHS eye tests or examinations from our practices in Larkhall & East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. We are also pleased to offer home visit eye tests to our customers. You should not only come for an eye test or examination when you want new spectacles, but make it part of your regular preventative medical check ups. To make an appointment for your free NHS eye test contact us on 01698 882622 or 01355 220977.

read more › Simpson Opticians are able to provide free NHS eye tests or examinations from our practices in Larkhall & East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. After your eye-test, if you require new glasses, you will be issued with an NHS Voucher towards the cost of your glasses, which can get you FREE Frames and Lenses, including Bifocals or two separate pairs (Distance and Reading). At Simpson Opticians we give you an extra allowance of 40 towards the cost of other glasses frames, so any frame below 40 is FREE, and over 40 you only pay the difference e.g. if a glasses frame usually costs 60, you only pay 20 and your lenses are FREE too.

read more › In 2012, Euan Simpson qualified as an IP Optometrist, meaning he can prescribe the full range of drugs required to treat eye disease and acute eye conditions. Prescriptions are free, the same as from your GP or Dentist. In 2015, Siobhan Simpson, principal optometrist at the East Kilbride practice, qualified as an IP Optometrist. You should consult the Optometrist before going to the Doctor, as we can thoroughly examine your eyes and begin treatment immediately or refer you to the Hospital Eye Department or GP surgery.

read more › You don't have to be able to read the letters or pictures on the Chart, to have your eyes examined anyway. We can tell how well the eyes are seeing using simple tests and by shining lights and watching how the eyes respond. The Optometrist can easily establish Emmetropia (perfect vision), Hyperopia (long sightedness), Myopia (short sightedness), Astigmatism (oval shaped eyeballs, which causes distortion of your vision), Amblyopia (a lazy eye) or Strabismus (a squint). It is recommended that Children should have their first eye-test, before they start school, followed by regular checkups, throughout their school years, even if they don't require spectacles.

read more › They are available for almost all prescriptions now and at Simpson Opticians you can try them for free, to make sure they're right for you. Soft lens options include monthly or 2 weekly replacement, lenses you can keep in all week, even when sleeping and one day throwaway lenses. Being Independent means we're not tied to one supplier, so we can get you exactly what you need. We now offer 2 weekly Transitions soft lenses which change according to the light and act as sunglasses even for driving.

read more › If you are housebound, or can only venture out with assistance from family or friends, then you are entitled to a Domiciliary Home Visit from the Optometrist. This is a free of charge NHS service. It is important to look after your eyes, especially as you get older, as many of the problems affecting elderly patients can be easily treated and improved, through proper detection at an eye examination. To meet the needs of those patients unable to attend the Practice, we can come to you and examine your eyes in the comfort of your own home.

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