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We aim to deliver a personal, professional service by our friendly and experienced team. How we started. Optometrist Rachel Margieson has worked in small Independent practices for many years as a locum delivering the professional and personal care she would expect from any professional herself. Over the years Rachel has developed a commitment to looking after her patients and making sure they are not only treated with the utmost care, but also have received up to date information on their eye conditions.

She wanted to work as part of the community delivering dry eye clinics, low vision advice, contact lens fitting and thorough well delivered eye examinations. Communication is so important in any health care situation, and having time to give good honest advice lies at the heart of our business, which is why our standard eye examination is forty minutes long.

Regular eye examinations are important for two reasons, firstly they are a valuable health check and secondly they enable us to ensure that you enjoy the very best possible vision.

At South Molton Eyecare we will carefully question you about your eyes, health and specific visual needs. Our eye examinations are thorough and last approximately 40 minutes. Our Optometrist will recommend any additional tests should they be required. For some patients the NHS provide a routine eye examination once every two years, unless you have been

Why have contact lenses from us? We believe that a successful contact lens wearer is one who is fitted with the best lens available for their eyes. We will examine, and explain in detail the options available to you, we have the solutions to fit your needs. At every stage we involve you in any decision making. At South Molton Eyecare we will question

Dry eye syndrome is a common multifactorial ocular condition affecting many people today. It is a disorder of the tears and front surface of the eye that can lead to damage and inflammation. Symptoms can range from mild to severe causing discomfort and fluctuating/reduced vision. If you experience these issues regularly, or intermittently, then book

Coloured overlays can help people with reading difficulty and visual discomfort. Some people experience problems when they view text for prolonged periods. These difficulties include blurring, visual distortions, discomfort and headaches. The first thing these people should do is to have a thorough eye examination with us since thier symptoms may require

Eyezen lenses are enhanced everyday lenses, designed to reduce eye strain when you're working or socialising on digital devices. So you can continue to do what you enjoy with comfortable vision. Live your digital passions to the fullest with Essilor Eyezen lenses. With the combination of two innovations, Essilor Eyezen lenses provide visual comfort

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