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Karen and Paul set up Eye Designs in Chorley Town Centre back in 2002, their daughter Sara and their sons, Stephen and Anthony are also part of this lovely, thriving, family practice. The family at Eye Designs are accompanied by three Opticians, Zak, Tasneen and Meraj, who have been with the family practice for years and are highly regarded by patients visiting the practice.

All the family are trained Ophthalmic Dispensers and technicians which means, along with the Optical lab on the premises, the customers glasses can be made up on the day. A fully functioning lab isn't found in many practices and our lab technicians are able to manufacture your prescription on the premises; create single vision lenses while you wait, and even put new lenses into an old frame just for you.

Eye Designs employees enjoy building personal relationships with each of our patients and look forward to seeing evey one of them when their next visit is due. We offer tea, coffee and treats for all our patients, to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Even if you feel as though your vision is fine and has not changed it is strongly advised that you have your eyes tested as it is not only your vision which is checked in an eye test but your optical health too. Many eye conditions have no symptoms until it is too late so it is important that we have our eyes tested regularly. Conditions such as Glaucoma

Cataract surgery is a common and relatively straightforward procedure that usually takes up to 30 to 45 minutes. It's usually carried out as day surgery under local anaesthetic, which means you're conscious during the procedure and can go home on the same day. Before having cataract surgery, you'll be referred to a specialist eye doctor (an ophthalmologist

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