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Crystal Optometry Our use of cutting-edge world leading technology includes OCT scans showing fantastic 3D views of the eye's internal anatomy. With state-of-the art equipment and 33 years optometric experience, Crystal Optometry offer Edinburgh patients an accurate diagnostic, informative and reassuring eye examination. We are Edinburgh optometrists specialising in restoring eye comfort, leading the way in forward thinking treatments.

With amazing technology at our fingertips we pin-point the issue by a detailed examination of the eye's surface, lids and eye lashes which is shared in a comprehensive talk-through. This is often an illuminating experience. Please telephone to arrange an appointment.

The optical prescription generated by the Optometrist, specifies only the strength of corrective lenses needed to optimise your direct straight ahead vision. The more complicated your eyes the more important these factors are. Additionally your eye glasses must be comfortable to wear without pressure points or slipping. So, unless your optical prescription

Mira 1 day contact lenses can only be ordered by patients of Crystal Optometry in Edinburgh. If you haven't tried them, ask your optometrist about them. They are truly innovative because there's no finger contact on the inside of the contact lens. Shipping is FREE and delivery is 7-10 DAYS. Mira 1 day contact lenses can only be ordered by patients of

Designed to enable existing wearers to upgrade without being refitted, 1-DAY ACUVUE(R) MOIST contact lenses are the best we've seen for dry eyes. 1-DAY ACUVUE(R) MOIST contacts are made from Etafilcon A material which readily attracts tear proteins allowing the eye to quickly accept the contact lens as a non-foreign body. Bound throughout this material

Astigmatism, a common vision condition, is caused when the front surface of the eye, called the cornea, is not perfectly round. In such cases correction with regular daily disposables still leads to blurred vision. 1-Day Acuvue for astigmatism contact lenses correct the blurred vision of astigmatism for a wide range of cases avoiding the need for expensive

Created with a unique aspheric centre-near design for the presbyopic eye, ACUVUE 1 DAY MULTIFOCAL is the first and only contact lens optimised to address the natural variation in pupil size according to age and prescription power for a superior near vision experience. Acuvue 1 Day Moist are the best-selling daily disposables from industry leading manufacturer

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