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Opticare Opticians Opticare are here to offer you with the best eye care and customer care in Newark, Leicester and Loughborough. Ourselves and our staff take pride in providing you with the very best service in pleasant surroundings in a timely and relaxed manner. We have a wide range of frames and lenses to suit all faces and fashions. From flexible, metal, plastic or carbon fibre frames coupled with our hi index, photo chromatic or tinted lenses, you can create your perfect glasses in store.

Our helpful staff are available to offer advice and help you select the glasses that suit your needs and lifestyle. Ask about our one hour glazing on your next visit. Our approachable staff will be able to help and assist you in store, so you can quickly continue with your life. We stock a wide range of contact lenses. From everyday disposables through to coloured or extended wear lenses.

Our opticians and trained staff are here to help you try and choose the best contact lenses for you. We offer trials to new contact lens wearers and our after care service is one of the best in the region.

read more › Our branches are situated in the heart of the local communities we serve. From Newark to Leicester to Loughborough we provide first class customer service and professional eye care for all our local customers. This year, we mark our 30th year in business - which started back in 1991 at our Newark branch. Since then we have expanded to our 3 Leicestershire branches in Anstey, Birstall and most recently Sileby. We'd like to thank our patients who have placed their trust in us over the years. As an independent opticians, nothing is more important to us than earning the trust and loyalty you have shown us.

read more › Visiting your Opticians is as important as visiting your Doctor or Dentist, so when you visit Opticare we make sure it's a relaxing experience. Opticare offers two tiers of eye examinations (see below). Certain groups of people, like children and over 60s, are eligible for free NHS funded eye checks. During your eye test our Expert Optometrists will check your vision and also the health of your eyes. By doing this it is possible to detect other health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

read more › Contact Lenses available to buy or reorder over the counter in Newark, Loughborough & Leicester. Opticare staff have many years experience in contact lenses and can help you make sure yours are the best ones for you. Our practices are fully stocked and can provide you with the latest contact lens innovations, to make your life just that little bit easier. Whether you are new to contacts or just need to re-order some more, our opticians and staff are waiting to help with a smile. We have contact lenses that are perfect for new wearers, seasoned wearers, and dual wearers.

read more › We stock a wide range of stylish glasses to suit you and cope with the demands of your lifestyle. From classic designs to the latest trends we have glasses for the discerning through to the young at heart. We stock a wide range of stylish frames to suit you and cope with the demands of your your lifestyle. All our branches in Newark, Leicester and Loughborough stock a wide range of glasses to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Offering great value for money, along with professional and caring service, Opticare Opticians are your local choice for eyewear.

read more › Purchase your glasses with precision made lenses direct from your local Opticare opticians. Precision made, polished to last and delivered with care, we pride ourselves on providing a first class personal service. Opticare have been a regular fixture on the high street in Newark, Anstey, and Birstall for many years, and now more recently Sileby. Our dedication to staff training, customer care and first class service is what makes us popular on the high street, and we'd love to welcome you in to our shop, as well.

read more › 3D OCT screening diagnoses potentially serious conditions that can affect your eyesight and your overall well-being. With this non-invasive, painless and quick scan, your optometrist is able to see both the surface of the back of your eye and a three-dimensional image of the layers that are beneath the surface. Similar to ultrasound, OCT uses light rather than sound waves to illustrate the different layers that make up the back of your eye. Seeing the different layers of your eye helps check for potentially serious conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, AMD, vitreous detachments and more.

read more › BlephEx is a new, painless procedure performed in practice by our eye care professionals to treat Blepharitis. This new non-invasive, painless procedure reduces scurf and bacterial debris, which are the main causes of the inflammatory eyelid disease, alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms of blepharitis. As the eyelids can be difficult to clean, this overgrowth of bacteria, biofilm, scurf and debris can accumulate over many years, and the toxin released from bacteria inflammation can cause significant irritation to the eyelid and tear glands.

read more › If you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, diabetic eye screening is a critical part of your diabetes care. Regular eye screening is one of the best ways to detect diabetic retinopathy before you notice any changes in your sight. Specialised digital photography is primarily used to look for changes that could affect your sight. Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes, caused by high blood sugar levels damaging the back of the eye (retina). Anyone with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes is at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

read more › Congenital or developmental glaucoma (a condition in babies caused by malformation of the eye). Glaucoma is classified to a group of eye conditions where the optic nerve is damaged at the point where it leaves an individual's eye. The optic nerve is primarily responsible for carrying images from the retina, the light-sensitive membrane attached to the inner surface of the eye, to the brain. Doctors say that chronic glaucoma affects one percent of people over 40 and five percent of people over 65.

read more › At Opticare Opticians, we provide our patients with a highly advanced retinal photography service, which scans the retina to rule out or screen for eye diseases. The main objective of using this technology is to improve our ability to determine the status of your retina health in a better way. Early detection of eye disease is crucial and retinal photography helps us diagnose potential problems before they become too serious. Our experienced and highly skilled Opticians may recommend patients to have retinal photography, so that they can view and record your retina at up to 100 times its normal size.

read more › It usually starts in childhood and gets progressively worse until the child stops growing. Opticare offers ground-breaking Myopia control for Leicester and Newark. There are two main factors which can mean your child is more at risk of developing myopia - genetic, lifestyle or a combination of both. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors in the modern lifestyle that can contribute to the development of myopia, such as; prolonged near tasks such as reading and screen time at a short distance, low levels of outdoor activity and even poor lighting levels.

read more › If you want the best possible fit for your new lenses and glasses then you will love our brand new visuReal optical measuring machine. The visuReal video centering system provides a precise measurement which guarantees a perfect centering of spectacle lenses. Designed by people in practice, visuReal was developed to meet real-life demands. The system features top quality workmanship and represent top-class, durable technology. With the visuReal you have the opportunity of an automatic detection of measurement data within seconds using an easy-to-handle 3- step automation process.

read more › Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the edge of the eyelids. The cause is often unknown. Prolonged treatment may be required before it is effective and despite this, the condition may recur. BlephEx is a new, painless procedure performed in practice by our eye care professionals to treat Blepharitis. This new non-invasive, painless procedure reduces scurf and bacterial debris, which are the main causes of the inflammatory eyelid disease, alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms of blepharitis.

read more › A cataract is clouding of the part of your eye called the lens. Your vision becomes blurred because the cataract is like frosted glass, interfering with your sight. It is not a layer of skin that grows over your eye, despite what you may have heard. Blurry Sight This is very common. You may notice that your sight has become blurred or misty, or that your glasses seem dirty or appear scratched. Cataracts can form at any age. Most develop as people get older but we don't yet know why, although research is being done on a number of possible causes.

read more › This is a fairly common condition and is caused by a blockage in one of the small glands in the lid. Although it is unsightly, it is easy to treat and should not cause your child any major problems with their vision. As a first step in treatment, your child will be prescribed antibiotics to reduce the inflammation in the eyelid. Heat treatment with hot compresses can also help and may actually release the contents of the cyst, which means that further intervention is not needed. If it has not resolved on this treatment, it can be removed surgically.

read more › Conjunctivitis is an infection of the conjunctiva (the 'skin' which covers the white of the eye and lines of the eyelids). There are several causes, but the main two most common are bacteria and viral. There is no treatment for viral conjunctivitis. It will gradually clear up on its own, but the doctor may prescribe antibiotic drops or ointment to prevent a secondary bacterial infection occurring if necessary. Use tissues, should you need to wipe your eyes, and dispose of them immediately afterwards.

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